Every Thursday at 1PM PT/4PM ET we will host a live show with the THCB Gang. The THCB Gang consists of 4-6 semi-regular guests drawn from THCB authors and other assorted old friends of mine, who will shoot the shit about health care business, politics, practice, and tech. It should be fun but serious and informative! It will also be preserved as a podcast on Itunes & Spotify Enjoy – Matthew Holt

THCB Gang: Episode 1, Developments around COVID19 & the Future of Universal Coverage Programs

THCB Gang: Episode 2, What Does the Future of Health Care Look Like Based off of the COVID19 Crisis?

THCB Gang: Episode 3, What Should We Pay Attention to During the COVID Pandemic?

THCB Gang Episode 4: 3 Physicians & 2 Health Policy Experts give us there perspectives on COVID19

THCB Gang Episode 5: New Updates on Testing, Data, Partnerships, and Transmission of COVID19

THCB Gang Episode 6: Patient Care Giver Programs and Opening up the Economy Amidst COVID19?

THCB Gang Episode 7: Perspective on COVID19 from a VC, Patient Advocate, and Health Care Consultants

THCB Gang Episode 8: Access to Patient Records & Privacy Concerns Amid the Pandemic

THCB Gang Episode 9: Medicare Expansion Programs & If Innovation in Health Care Sustainable in the Future

THCB Gang Episode 10: Telehealth’s Permanency, Hospitals Losing Revenue, and the Patient Experience

THCB Gang Episode 11: Heath Plans, Phycisian Burnout, Spikes in COVID19