Looking to get your brand some presence on this Blog? 

With 100K monthly readers, nearly 40K Twitter followers and another 80K on Linkedin, and a 15-year editorial history of avant-garde publishing on all things health policy, health tech, patient advocacy, and the business of health innovation, who can blame you!?

We have 750+ article contributors, plus our unique video shows, ‘Health in 2 Point 00’ the ‘THCB Gang’ and ‘WTF Health,’ which include investing news in health tech, commentary and chat on the weeks events, and in depth-interviews.

There are two ways to play: Advertising and Content Partnerships.


Small and large sidebar ads and eye-catching interstitials ensure that your brand slips into the subconscious of every single one of our readers. You can start for as little as $3,000. For current rates, specs, and to buy, please contact Matthew Holt at

Content Partnerships

Need a more creative way to tell your story, position your execs as thought leaders, or align your brand with the passionate rabble-rousers who are going to change health care for the better? 

THCB has partnered up with WTF Health to offer mixed-media sponsorship packages that include video, print, advertising, and social media benefits that create bespoke content around your brand, without compromising our editorial integrity, for that ‘is-it-paid-or-is-it-earned’ look. 

As the packages get bigger, the benefits get better — including event hosting and speaking by Matthew Holt or Jess DaMassa, introductions to their health care networks, extra love on social media and more. 

For full details on packages and pricing, contact Jess DaMassa at