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Josh Reischer, Health Note

Health Note takes the patient history from the patient and includes it in the EMR. It’s another piece of the puzzle in trying to fix the patient/physician encounter. Health note also does the basic information for intake that companies like Phreesia does but it also gets the patient to answer questions about their health so that the physician has more time in the encounter to focus on what to do about it. But they also add their history into Epic in a very specific and complex way. CEO Josh Reischer showed me a detailed demo about what the patient and provider experience is. Quite the advance on asking and typing as happens in 95% of visits today!–Matthew Holt

Welldoc–Anand Iyer & Marina Dorotheo demo the latest!

Welldoc is a consumer facing tool that has been around a long, long time in the diabetes management space. It was the first company to be certified by the FDA as Software as a Medical Device, and it has moved into wide range of diseases as the consumer front-end for many organizations. Welldoc itself is hiding behind the scenes in most of these relationships but it has grown steadily and not had to raise money since 2016. A few weeks back I grabbed Anand Iyer, Chief Analytics Officer and & Marina Dorotheo, Chief Marketing Officer who also runs strategy. We had a long chat about the state of the market, the company and they showed me an extensive demo (9.40-32.00). If you haven’t caught up with this sector lately, this is well worth a detailed look.

Roy Schoenberg, CEO, AmWell

AmWell is a now veteran telehealth platform. It used its IPO money to re-architect its entire platform and add companies like Conversa AI chat service and mental health service Silvercloud, as well as integrating deeply with EMRs & more. That change hit its earnings….so can they recover? Roy Schoenberg, CEO, tells you why this is good for AmWell and what happens next.-Matthew Holt

Lucienne Ide, Rimidi

Lucie Ide is a physician running Rimidi, a company helping health systems manage patients with chronic conditions. They extract data from EMRs and transfer this into workflow for care teams, predominantly at ACOs and other risk bearing organizations, but also increasingly with FFS groups using RPM to manage those patients. Their current moves are to continue to extend from their first patient group (diabetes) to all types of chronic patients. We chatted about her company, but also about the wider move (or lack of it) to better manage patients in the US system–Matthew Holt

Raj Singh, Accolade

Earlier this month I caught up with Raj Singh, the CEO of Accolade. The “navigation” company is publicly traded and now offering its own telehealth, primary care & second opinions as well as helping patients access both digital health services and brick & mortar health systems. How is Accolade dealing by both offering primary care and helping patients manage through complex care situations? And why isn’t this available to everyone, yet? Raj told me how it works and what the likely future will be, including work with health plans, and how Accolade is on a path to a $1b in revenue in 5 years.–Matthew Holt

Kota Kubo, Ubie

Kota Kubo is the CEO of Ubie, a Japan-based symptom-checking company. Ubie has raised over $75m including a $45m round in 2022. They were focusing on the Japanese market but have been available in the US since 2022, and are expanding their presence there dramatically in 2024. It’s a direct to consumer product with a business model of helping pharma companies understand their patients better–while of course not letting them have patients’ private or identifiable information. This is a little different than most symptom checkers who tend to work with providers or plans, and I met Kota in Tokyo late last year to discuss the business and get a little demo–Matthew Holt

Nicola Tessler, CEO, BeMe Health

Nikki Tessler is the CEO of BeMe Health. She is a psychologist who has built a relatively new company with a self service tool and coaching service for teens. It’s essentially trying to convert teens’ social media time to good use with support, affirmations, coaching and safety–and much more.. I interviewed Nikki and got a full demo over the holiday break. There’s a lot of information here about the teen mental health question (yes it’s bad!), about the company funding & strategy, and great understanding of the product…which is pretty unusual and growing fast!Matthew Holt

THCB Gang Special: Episode 138, Thursday 30 November 2023 with Jen Goldsack

On #THCBGang today we have a special solo episode with Olympic rower for 2 countries and Digital Medicine Society CEO Jennifer Goldsack, (@GoldsackJen) joining Matthew Holt (@boltyboy). It’s at at 1pm PST 4pm EST on Thursday November 30. Find out about what DiME is and does, and what projects it is pushing forward in the future of health tech.

You can see the video below & if you’d rather listen than watch, the audio is preserved as a weekly podcast available on our iTunes & Spotify channels.

THCB Gang Episode 137, Thursday October 26

Joining Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) on #THCBGang on Thursday October 26 at 1pm PST 4pm EST were delivery & platform expert Vince Kuraitis (@VinceKuraitis); author & ponderer of odd juxtapositions Kim Bellard (@kimbbellard); futurist Ian Morrison (@seccurve); and our special guest was Kat McDavitt(@katmcdavitt) President of Innsena.

The video is below. If you’d rather listen to the episode, the audio is preserved from Friday as a weekly podcast available on our iTunes & Spotify channels

THCB Gang Episode 136, Thursday October 5

Joining Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) on #THCBGang on Thursday October 5 at 1pm PST 4pm EST were delivery & platform expert Vince Kuraitis (@VinceKuraitis); author & ponderer of odd juxtapositions Kim Bellard (@kimbbellard) and policy expert consultant/author Rosemarie Day (@Rosemarie_Day1).

You can see the video below & if you’d rather listen than watch, the audio is preserved as a weekly podcast available on our iTunes & Spotify channels.