THCB Gang, Episode 19, July 23, 2020

This episode of the THCB Gang included regulars Grace Cordavano (@GraceCordovano) , Deven McGraw (@HealthPrivacy), Ian Morrison (@seccurve), and special guest patient entrepreneur Robin Farmanfarmaian (@Robinff3). We talked about patient experiences, the state of play in health care business, and about new technologies and more. And after tomorrow it gets preserved as a podcast on Itunes & Spotify Enjoy! – Matthew Holt

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  1. What a great podcast

    Love seeing everyone and hearing their thoughts on the state of health and attention to SDOH – from vaccines to unemployment to wearables and tele-health and the importance of access to data and the $$ buried in the CARES act for some companies (HCA).

    I of course love Grace’s insights into patients as CEO of their own and Deven is always hopeful in her comments about peer to peer support and access to data. Although I like Matthew wonder/worry with new payment models and a lack of data how many options people will have (when you are assigned to one primary care doctor who controls access to specialists).

    So much more in the podcast – well worth watching.