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Podcast with Silverlink and IncentOne

Those of you regular THCBers are by now probably bored with me going on about the problems (and opportunities) with incentivizing people in health care to do the right thing. So today Silverlink which does automated voice recognition inbound and outbound calling (FD–they’re a THCB advertiser/sponsor) announced a deal with IncentOne, which, surprise surprise, runs incentive programs.

That was interesting enough to get me to bite, so I got Stan Nowak, CEO Silverlink & Michael Dermer, CEO IncentOne, on the phone for a quick podcast interview to explain what they’re going to do together.

Interview with Joseph Kvedar, Partners Center for Connected Health

Joseph Kvedar is the director of Center for Connected Health, which is part of the Partners HealthCare System’s empire in Boston (that’s Mass General and the Brigham for you old-schoolers). Joe emceed the conference I spoke at yesterday, and I stopped in for a quick chat with him this morning to get an update on the Center’s progress.

If you need an introduction to the Center, its web site is here, a piece Joe  wrote for THCB last year is here and the transcript of a longer interview I did with Joe is here.

Today we had time for a quick catch-up, in which he touches on the state of the EMR initiative at Partners, the wider role of Connected Health within Partners, and the state of their current pilots. Here’s the interview (The first minute is a little quiet. My apologies.)

You can also see the details about the Center’s symposium (27-28 October). There, you can find out more about Connected Health than you can imagine, and you’ll probably see a little flavor of Health 2.0 there, too. We hope to bring a little flavor of the community aspect of Connected Health to the Health 2.0 Conference (October 22-23). Yes, we know they’re close together … but speaking as someone who’s been to both, I recommend both highly!

TECH/HEALTH 2.0: Eliza & Silverlink, strategic healthcom 2.0

So the gang is all in San Diego getting ready for the Health 2.0 conference which starts Monday (gulp, that’s today!) Feverish last minute preparations are apace. 

I spent some time on Saturday morning talking to two people at the forefront of the communications revolution on the telephone. Alex Drane, President of Eliza, and Stan Nowak, CEO of Silverlink.  We had a fascinating
interview. See if you can spot the moment when Stan invented a new term which Alex trademarked before he’d finished speaking. (Hey at least the lawyers are making money!)

TECH: Drugs & technology–Allscripts and SafeMed

To finish off the last but not least of my HIMSS interviews, here are two companies that both announced being part of the Google ecosystem on the Thursday of HIMSS. One is well known and a leader in ePrescribing and EHRs (even though it’s had a tough year on Wall Street and won the HISSIE for most likely to be acquired!) That’s Allscripts of course, and I was able to grab a quick chat with head marketing honcho Dan Michelson and Jamie Stick, IS Director from one of their star clients, Central Utah Clinic in Provo, Utah.

They also have a very cool video called Paper Free health care (I spot some inspiration from the Health 2.0 video!)

I also got the chance to meet a much smaller company called SafeMed. Rich Nossfinger & Ahmed Ghouri hasve built a very very sophisticated rules and processing engine which can interpret drug data and embed that decision support into patient specific indications. Very intriguing stuff and you can learn more by listening to this interview (although they weren’t allowed to let me tell the world in advance that they are one of the first partners in the Google ecosystem. Here’s the SafeMed interview.

TECH: Location tracking, RadarFind’s view

I’m still hot on location tracking. The idea is that if you can locate devices like pumps and wheelchairs and eventually staff and patients, hospitals should become much more operationally efficient.

But this market which is now 4–5 years old has yet to take off. Part of the reason is that WiFi based systems don’t seem to work as well as advertised, and infra red or others that need new networks are too expensive. Stephen Jackson is CTO of RadarFind, which has a new system which plugs into the electrical system and uses that to move its tracking data around. It seems cheap, easy and effective. Too good to be true? Let Stephen convince you in this podcast.

TECH/PODCAST: Microsoft speaks health care

Microsoft has made some big strides in health this past year. You can easily argue that a) its search has outpaced Google (following the acquisition of Medstory), b) that it’s making strides in the provider market with the renamed Amalga (although that’s leading to a strategic question about whether they’re really going to be a serious player on the inpatient EMR side there) and c) finally that HealthVault legitimizes the whole PHR market. Microsoft will be at pains to tell you that HealthVault is not, though, a PHR. What is it? Ad what about the rest of those questions?

Listen to my interview with Chris Sullivan (US Provider Solutions) and Grad Conn (HealthVault) to find out…

TECH: Interview with Newt Gingrich

The controversial and not-shy-with-his-opinions former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has been very active in recent years promoting the automation of health records and EMRs. But he’s never been a great pains to stress how that would get done from a policy perspective.

I was glad to get a few minute with him because I was able to get straight to that question. And on that topic it appears that Newt has become a fan of government mandates and directed government spending. I think you’ll find this podcast fascinating, although it’s short.

TECH/PODCAST: ICW’s Jeremy Coote

ICW is a German-based  consumer facing record company, that is dominant in Germany and several Eastern European countires. Over here they decided that their skills lie in integrating data from disparate systems, very much a Health 2.0 trend (which is why they’re a Health 2.0 Conference sponsor).

They also announced a major open source initiative with Agfa and Sun this morning–which will hopefully give a boost to open source in health care (which thus far has been a somewhat small and lonely community)

I spoke to ICW America CEO Jeremy Coote today.

PODCAST: American Well’s Roy Schoenberg

Ever since I saw Roy Schoenberg (of American Well)’s view of the future of patient to physician communication I’ve been waiting to bring it to you on THCB and the Health 2.0 Blog. And finally I was able to get him to tell me about it.

So first whip over to the American Well site and watch the video about how it works, and then come back here and listen to the podcast of the interview I did with Roy last week. (I’m afraid the levels are slightly problematic in a few places in the interview, but luckily Roy is louder than I am!)

In addition Roy will be giving an in-depth look at American Well in a sponsored "deep dive" expedition at the Health 2.0 Conference in March.

PODCAST/TECH: Interview with Todd Cozzens, CEO of Picis

Todd Cozzens is the CEO of Massachusetts-based Picis, a company that’s made a lot of headway in selling clinical automation software to operating rooms, emergency departments and ICUs in American hospitals and abroad. Last week I got the chance to talk to him about what the company does, the state of the health care IT business (he’s not too worried about the big guys!), whether public money should buy IT for health care, and who was going to win the Superbowl. To find out everything — including whether Todd’s forecast matched the actual score — listen to the interview.


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