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THCB: Updating …

A little light blog keeping to do today. If you haven’t listened to one of the podcasts, the podcast archive is now up and running. If you have yet to subscribe to the podcast feed – you can go here – and grab the link.  The media page is now up as well, so you can go have a look at what’s been written about the Health Care Blog recently. 

PHYSICIANS/POLICY: Another Podcast with Eric Novack

So here’s another podcast recorded at the tail end of last week with me chatting with surgeon, talk radio host and "free-market" advocating surgeon Eric Novack. This one focuses on why health care costs so much and why we can’t stop physicians behaving badly. We discuss evidence-based medicine, managed care, capitation, end of life care, practice variation, and defensive medicine — and it’s still incredibly civilized. Don’t worry — we’ll keep having these talks until we really start laying into each other!

Here’s the MP3 to download (this one’s a little over 30 minutes listening time). Enjoy and please tell me what you think


THCB: The First Podcast–Erick Novack

Here is THCB’s first podcast. You can listen to it here by clicking on this link — Eric Novack interview, and telling it to "open" when it asks you.  That should make the file play in your MP3 player of choice.  But the real idea is to get your iPod aggregator (I use iPodder) to move it to your MP3 player of choice, by aiming at the RSS feed here. And then get out of the house and still listen.

All I did was record an interview over Skype using Total Recorder and then had it saved as an MP3 file.  Once I saved that up to my hosting service (easy) I figured out how to put it in my RSS feed (much harder, or at least harder finding out how to). You can either point your podcast aggregator (like iPodder) at or you can get it by looking at the "Subscribe to my podcast" line next to the site feeds in the right sidebar.

Take a listen, let me know what you think.

BLOGS: Podcast coming

I had a very entertaining phone call over Skype with Eric Novack which I managed to record using my advanced technical skills….(i.e. don’t expect too high a call quality!).  This will become THCB’s first podcast very soon — in other words as soon as my technical skills extend to figuring out how to get it into my RSS feed.  I’ll also post it direct on the site for download. 

I will be having a similar conversation with Jonathan Cohn soon, and also I’ll be being interviewed for a future podcast by the Journal of Medical Practice Management, whose editor Kent Bottles has already notched interviews with Kevin Pho (KevinMD) and Sydney Smith (Medpundit).

um, err, if you know something about this podcasting lark and can help, please email me, even if only to send me to the right website for information about "how to". Thanks!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look here.


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