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RWJF’s Stephen Downs on a New Model for the Foundation – and the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

Last week, we sat down with Steve Downs, Assistant Vice President, Health Group, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to discuss the 3 New Challenges they’ve announced for the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. Steve explains RWJF’s current areas of focus in health and how they are testing the Developer Challenge as a novel process to source and spur innovation.

Interview with Steve Downs, RWJF

From building real apps based on the Project Health Design PHR prototypes (in partnership with CHCF) to using County Health Rankings to build interactive tools for decision-making (in partnership with U. of Wisconsin) to working with the Markle Foundation and VA/CMS on the Blue Button initiative, RWJF has given the Health 2.0 innovator community lots of raw material and inspiration to work with.

And within just a couple of days, 5 Teams have already signed up to compete.  For more on RWJF’sChallenges and to get involved with the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, go to

Interview with Mary Hiller, MedExpert International

Mary Hiller is Executive Director at MedExpert International — one of the companies behind Safeway’s remarkable results in reducing health care costs. The company manages a system that aligns best practices from intensive literature searches (although Mary is a little quiet about how they do that) with patient’s decision at the moment of diagnosis. The company is coming out of a relatively stealthy period, and when they contacted THCB I thought it would be a good opportunity to find out more. Plus Mary’s role in the Bond movie Diamonds are Forever makes her a little unique among health IT executives! Here’s the interview:

Mary Hiller, MedExpert International

Click4Care Talks Tools

At the AHIP Conference, Click4Care gave a presentation titled “Confronting the Quality of Care Crisis: Next Generation Care Management Technology.” I was able to have a conversation with CEO Rob Gillette and Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Keith Dayton. On the exhibit hall floor, the two Click4Care leaders spoke about the fast growing company and what differentiates their products from the competition.

What exactly is Healthymagination?

About a year ago GE started a campaign called Healthymagination. In the health care technology business GE had long been known for market leadership in big iron imaging like MRIs and CTs, as well as some diagnostics, and for a less prominent position in the growing market for health IT for doctors and hospitals (via some acquisitions, notably of IDX).

So then our TVs became flooded with adverts telling us this new buzzword. Some cynics scoffed, pointing out that GE’s advertising during the Olympics on NBC (its own property) was covering up for the global advertising shortfall. But Mike Barber the GE Vice President in charge of Healthymagination begs to differ!

He explained to me what Healthymagination is about and how it’s part of a real sea change in the health and health care strategy of one of the world’s biggest companies

Interview with Mike Barber, GE Healthymagination

The Online Future of Patient Communication

Matthewholt An array of online communication tools, including email and beyond, can
enhance the physician-patient relationship and save you both time. But
for a variety of reasons, many physicians haven’t adopted online tools.
Matthew Holt, healthcare futurist, co-founder of the Health 2.0
Conference and founder of THCB
says that the day is coming fast when most physicians will communicate
this way with their patients. Are you already one of them?

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Interview with Alan Greene MD, author of “Raising Baby Green”

One of the most remarkable talks I heard this year wasn’t about health care. It was about food. Of course, food is very, very closely related to health and health is at least tangentially related to health care.

So I invited Alan Greene of (who is a friend and has spoken at a couple of Health 2.0 Conferences) to tell me about the new book, Raising Baby Green. It really is a potential way to change how Americans (and everyone else) eat, and to use the most important years (the ones we can’t remember!) to do it.

Most importantly Alan is starting a viral campaign to get this information into the hands of expectant mothers. For anyone who knows an expectant mum or someone who might be one someday, this book is very important. And the message needs to get out and get mainstream quickly.

Here’s the interview in which Alan explains how to feed kids right, and we do a little plotting in how to get this into mainstream child-raising.

Interview with Paul Taylor, renegade hospital CEO

Paul Taylor is CEO of Ozarks Community Hospital, a teeny 2 hospital system catering to the poor and senior populations in rural Missouri and Arkansas. He thinks that he’s figured out a way to deliver health care at government rates and is incensed that every other hospital claims it can’t make it on what Medicare pays. (That’s they I call him a renegade–I don’t mean that his hospital is called “Renegade”!) He also gets much less from the local Blues than he does from Medicare for the same services.

I wrote about Paul a while back and he sounded like a guy with interesting ideas on how to fix health care. So I called him up to see if he would be a good interview–and he didn’t disappoint!

Paul Taylor

Glen Tullman on EMRs, life, the universe and everything

A couple of weeks back Allscripts’ CEO Glen Tullman was on the Cats & Dogs panel at Health 2.0 and he said some pretty controversial things about the state of EMR adoption (yes it was happening), certification of meaningful use (it was being diluted and the tax payer faced being ripped off) and other vendors, or at least one other vendor from small town Wisconsin that wasn’t playing fair in the quest for interoperability).

Given that I always enjoy talking to Glen and also that he’s as responsible as anyone else for getting Obama interested in the concept of why EMRs and automating health care matters (and therefore why there was so much money in both Obama’s campaign pledges and in the stimulus package for EMRs), I thought it would be fun to have Glen back on THCB to expand a little on what he told us at Health 2.0. And yes there was plenty more interesting stuff where that came from. (Be warned, the sound quality is not great, but its completely understandable)

Here’s the interview