PODCAST: American Well’s Roy Schoenberg

Ever since I saw Roy Schoenberg (of American Well)’s view of the future of patient to physician communication I’ve been waiting to bring it to you on THCB and the Health 2.0 Blog. And finally I was able to get him to tell me about it.

So first whip over to the American Well site and watch the video about how it works, and then come back here and listen to the podcast of the interview I did with Roy last week. (I’m afraid the levels are slightly problematic in a few places in the interview, but luckily Roy is louder than I am!)

In addition Roy will be giving an in-depth look at American Well in a sponsored "deep dive" expedition at the Health 2.0 Conference in March.

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  1. Matthew, great introduction to American Well. However, given the horrible audio problems that Roy was having with skype during the interview, it really makes me question if they have the technological capability to achieve what they claim!