TECH: Drugs & technology–Allscripts and SafeMed

To finish off the last but not least of my HIMSS interviews, here are two companies that both announced being part of the Google ecosystem on the Thursday of HIMSS. One is well known and a leader in ePrescribing and EHRs (even though it’s had a tough year on Wall Street and won the HISSIE for most likely to be acquired!) That’s Allscripts of course, and I was able to grab a quick chat with head marketing honcho Dan Michelson and Jamie Stick, IS Director from one of their star clients, Central Utah Clinic in Provo, Utah.

They also have a very cool video called Paper Free health care (I spot some inspiration from the Health 2.0 video!)

I also got the chance to meet a much smaller company called SafeMed. Rich Nossfinger & Ahmed Ghouri hasve built a very very sophisticated rules and processing engine which can interpret drug data and embed that decision support into patient specific indications. Very intriguing stuff and you can learn more by listening to this interview (although they weren’t allowed to let me tell the world in advance that they are one of the first partners in the Google ecosystem. Here’s the SafeMed interview.

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  1. Very interesting read. I have been trying to keep up with the “Google ecosystem” Glad I found the site and now my days will be full of catching up on post.

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