TECH: Location tracking, RadarFind’s view

I’m still hot on location tracking. The idea is that if you can locate devices like pumps and wheelchairs and eventually staff and patients, hospitals should become much more operationally efficient.

But this market which is now 4–5 years old has yet to take off. Part of the reason is that WiFi based systems don’t seem to work as well as advertised, and infra red or others that need new networks are too expensive. Stephen Jackson is CTO of RadarFind, which has a new system which plugs into the electrical system and uses that to move its tracking data around. It seems cheap, easy and effective. Too good to be true? Let Stephen convince you in this podcast.

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  1. The WiFi issue is even bigger than tracking equipement I think. One of the major issues with eCharting is the process flow. Bad programming with frequent log-in/log-out may improve accuracy but it increases wasted time. I think that once WiFi and templates are cost effect and stable we will see greater adoption. http://www.waittimes.blogspot.com

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