RWJF’s Stephen Downs on a New Model for the Foundation – and the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

Last week, we sat down with Steve Downs, Assistant Vice President, Health Group, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to discuss the 3 New Challenges they’ve announced for the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. Steve explains RWJF’s current areas of focus in health and how they are testing the Developer Challenge as a novel process to source and spur innovation.

Interview with Steve Downs, RWJF

From building real apps based on the Project Health Design PHR prototypes (in partnership with CHCF) to using County Health Rankings to build interactive tools for decision-making (in partnership with U. of Wisconsin) to working with the Markle Foundation and VA/CMS on the Blue Button initiative, RWJF has given the Health 2.0 innovator community lots of raw material and inspiration to work with.

And within just a couple of days, 5 Teams have already signed up to compete.  For more on RWJF’sChallenges and to get involved with the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, go to www.health2challenge.org.