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What exactly is Healthymagination?

About a year ago GE started a campaign called Healthymagination. In the health care technology business GE had long been known for market leadership in big iron imaging like MRIs and CTs, as well as some diagnostics, and for a less prominent position in the growing market for health IT for doctors and hospitals (via some acquisitions, notably of IDX).

So then our TVs became flooded with adverts telling us this new buzzword. Some cynics scoffed, pointing out that GE’s advertising during the Olympics on NBC (its own property) was covering up for the global advertising shortfall. But Mike Barber the GE Vice President in charge of Healthymagination begs to differ!

He explained to me what Healthymagination is about and how it’s part of a real sea change in the health and health care strategy of one of the world’s biggest companies

Interview with Mike Barber, GE Healthymagination

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  1. I see.
    “We’re imagining our healthy bonuses after we do enough market research to know which new buzzwords to hang on our old stuff, or which bits of our old stuff we can hang on a new buzzword and sell more of it to people who don’t really need it.”
    Got it.

  2. I think GE is just the best maker of words and phrases I know of. They are a veritable neologagenter center.

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