PHYSICIANS/POLICY: Another Podcast with Eric Novack

So here’s another podcast recorded at the tail end of last week with me chatting with surgeon, talk radio host and "free-market" advocating surgeon Eric Novack. This one focuses on why health care costs so much and why we can’t stop physicians behaving badly. We discuss evidence-based medicine, managed care, capitation, end of life care, practice variation, and defensive medicine — and it’s still incredibly civilized. Don’t worry — we’ll keep having these talks until we really start laying into each other!

Here’s the MP3 to download (this one’s a little over 30 minutes listening time). Enjoy and please tell me what you think


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  1. Hmm…I’ve downloaded it twice and it seems to work. Please keep reporting on whether it works.
    Did anyone download it using a Podcast aggregator

  2. Matthew,
    Excellent piece – continue to explore issues in this format.
    I noticed that my download appeared to stop after twenty minutes or so – just as you were getting to core comment.

  3. I had some problems with the download. It only played for 7 minutes. I’ll try again and see how it goes. Good work on the bit I heard.