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Josh Sommer – A Patient Looking for a World of “Data Liberacion”

In this part of the panel debate on the Role in a World of “Data Liberacion” founder of Chordoma Foundation Josh Sommer tells the story about how he was diagnosed with Chordoma and how he funded the Chordoma Foundation with his mother as a reaction to the lack of treatments available. Josh is working to help coordinate data sharing between different researchers.

Aneesh Chopra Gives Keynote Address

At the Health 2.0 Washington DC Conference Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer of the US Government, gave a keynote address on incorporating new capabilities into the nation’s healthcare system. One of the topics that he spoke to was the culture gap between consumers and government.

Esther Dyson – “Health, Not Healthcare!”

At the Health 2.0 Goes to DC conference Esther Dyson gave a powerpacked 3 minute rant about how the Health ecosystem really works — dividing it into three markets: Healthcare, Bad Health and Health 2.0.

Todd Park on Health 2.0’s Role in a World of Data Liberation

At the Health 2.0 June conference in DC Chief Technology Officer of the US Health & Human Services, Todd Park, participated in the panel discussion on Health 2.0’s role in a world of “Data Liberacion”. He spoke about the data libration movement and how the government has made great amounts of health data available to developers resulting in apps and tools that can provide new insights and improve healthcare.

Health 2.0 DC: Passion and Execution at Scale

Leave it to others to point out this city’s shortcomings. The Washington, DC, I know draws in the best & brightest, engages in debate, and gets things done.

Tim O’Reilly recently said that within the federal government he has found “an intense passion among people trying to make change.”  Todd Park, CTO of HHS, expanded on that theme yesterday as he described his federal co-workers as just as smart, just as creative, and just as entrepreneurial as anyone he worked with in the business world.

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Spotlight on Health 2.0: The Patient Is In, from SF 2009

health 2.0 tvEvery week we bring you a new video from Health 2.0! This week we’re featuring The Patient is In, a session focusing on how Health 2.0 tools are making a difference for patients.

To see more videos from past Health 2.0 conferences, or to purchase the entire conference DVD sets from ’07 & ’08 click here. 2009 DVD sets will be available shortly, please check back for updates.


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