Spotlight on Health 2.0: The Patient Is In, from SF 2009

health 2.0 tvEvery week we bring you a new video from Health 2.0! This week we’re featuring The Patient is In, a session focusing on how Health 2.0 tools are making a difference for patients.

To see more videos from past Health 2.0 conferences, or to purchase the entire conference DVD sets from ’07 & ’08 click here. 2009 DVD sets will be available shortly, please check back for updates.

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  1. Thanks for the video! I’m actually the “Judy” you refer to, so it’s great to hear commentary on PHRs. Indu asked a question about sharing information. As an e-patient, I believe that patients are very motivated to find others who are “going through what they are.” PHR information is among the best I’ve found to do this. E-Patients are looking for common meds, similar disease trajectories, common protocols (including under-reported side effects), etc. Thank you for continuing to raise the issue: “is anyone asking the patient what he/she wants? Is anyone listening to what patients are saying?”