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Health 2.0 Europe–My Take

I’m back in San Francisco after a fabulous Health 2.0 Europe Conference in Paris. We were welcomed wonderfully to Europe by our partner Denise Silber, her colleagues at Basil Strategies and all the fabulous people we met there. We’ve since heard lots of great comments and feedback from conference attendees, speakers and sponsors. Going to Paris in the spring sounds like a lot of fun and it is. But putting on any conference is a great deal of hard work, and Indu & I would like to thank Denise and her team (Miles & Rhys), as well as our colleagues Lizzie Dunklee who ran the production and Hillary McCowen who ran registration, sponsorship and front of house. We had help from some great volunteers (thanks for all the coffee Pauline!), excellent simultaneous translation, and Alex, Raphael & Stephane from Image Media did a great job with AV. We even (eventually) tracked down all the IML Voting devices (including the one that went to Boston!).

I’d also like to thank all of our speakers, sponsors and attendees—especially the speakers whom we put through our rigorous demo training program, the sponsors who took a chance on us, and the regional ambassadors and media partners. There were nearly 550 attendees once all was said and done (all squeezed into a venue that seats 500)! We sense that the conference signaled the emergence of a real Health 2.0 community in Europe. Of course all the great work that we demonstrated on stage has been going on for some time, but perhaps this was the first time that it’s been gathered together—not to mention gone drinking at Les Invalides!

So as is almost traditional, here’s a few thoughts from me about my impressions. (By the way, Denise has extensive thoughts over on her blog too). As ever these are not definitive—there were many many great contributions that I won’t mention for reasons of space, and every speaker worked really hard and contributed to a great conference, but here are a few thoughts that stuck out for me.

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Paris in the Springtime

While we were rehearsing for Health 2.0 we had to take a quick break to look out the window at this. Not bad, eh? You may recognize the building in the bottom left.

Health 2.0 Webinar on EMRs, meaningful use & clinical groupware

The Health 2.0 crew is in Paris—yes Health 2.0 Europe is next week (April 6 & 7) but the Health 2.0 clock is still running in the US with conferences in Florida for physicians on April 24, and in Washington DC on June 7.

We have a special conference for physicians at the Sawgrass Marriott, Ponte Verde, FL on April 24. Health 2.0 in the Doctor’s Office is going to focus on EMRs, the ARRA & meaningful use requirements, and the emerging space of clinical groupware—modular SaaS based applications that help physician workflow, help make practices more efficient, and help physicians communicate better with patients.

In order to give a taster of what will be happening in Florida, tomorrow Tuesday 30 March at 10 am PST, 1pm EST (and yes for us 7pm Europe time), we’re going to have a version of The Health 2.0 Show with Indu & Matthew, that will focus on EMRs and clinical groupware.

The webinar will feature a discussion with three iconoclasts in the EMR world. They are:

These three have very strong opinions about physicians, their EMR use, and clinical groupware—it’s sure to be a fascinating discussion.

And the webinar is (as always) free. You can sign up here

Interview with Alex Savic, CEO of Alensa Next Widgets

Alex Savic is CEO of Alensa NextWidgets, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Alex is a repeat presenter at Health 2.0 and will be presenting an update on the NextWidgets platform at Health 2.0 Europe in Paris April 6-7, 2010. NextWidgets allows pharmacies to sell their products online directly to consumers through widgets placed on relevant content publisher websites.

Indu Subaiya: Alex, tell us a bit about yourself and our background, and what Alensa is all about.

Alex Savic: I’ve been working in the generics industry since 2000, traveling a lot to India and Eastern Europe to meet with manufacturers and inspect manufacturing facilities. Alensa was mostly in the API and finished formulations business then. So to branch out, in 2006 we started working on an e-commerce platform for pharmacies which has since evolved into the NextWidgets platform.Continue reading…

What you don’t know about the Netherlands is your loss!

Denise Silber, founder of Basil Strategies (Health 2.0’s Partner in Europe) interviewed Chris Flim, Health 2.0 Europe Ambassador to the Netherlands, in Barcelona during eHealthWeek where Denise presented in the Health 2.0 session organized by Miguel Cabrer (Health 2.0 Europe Ambassador to Spain). Chris is looking forward to attending Health 2.0 Europe and, if you listen to the brief video, you will learn one important thing about the Netherlands and Health 2.0 which will make you proud to be Dutch and probably jealous if you are not.

Health 2.0 Europe’s Denise Silber interviews Chris Flim

Health 2.0 in Hungary? Yes, We Can!

Gábor Gyarmati has been running health care web sites in Hungary for longer than you might imagine. I suspect that many of you reading this don’t know much about Hungary and those of you who went to high school in America probably can’t find it on the map (stop it—you cynical Brit!), but what’s going on there is very interesting. Gábor will be presenting at Health 2.0 Europe on April 6–7 in Paris, but I did an IM interview with him last week to give you a preview.

Matthew Holt says: Gabor, you’ve been working in online health for several years doing market research and running consumer and physician websites. Can you tell me how you got started?

Gábor says: We have started our health and pharmaceutical research company, Szinapszis in 1998 that was the first of its kind in Hungary. We collected a lot of information about our market, patients, physicians, about their health and prescription choices. We found about 5 years ago that a “new media”, the Internet, appeared as a communication tool in healthcare and pharma marketing but at that time it was extremely weak, only a few physicians used it and less than 10 percent of the patients but we saw a very strong and fast increase in it. As our other companies did marketing communication projects, we knew that we have to this new tool as well although it is not known enough.Continue reading…

A 2.0 Interview with Berci Mesko, regional ambassador to Hungary for Health 2.0 Europe

Dr Bertalan Mesko, or Berci to his friends, is a recently-graduated Hungarian medical doctor, with whom I had the pleasure of blogging about geriatrics at IAGG 2009. Berci was then just beginning his PhD in clinical genomics. He’s also found the time to create Webicina, a web 2.0 guidance service for patients and medical professionals,  continue to be an award-winning blogger,, become an educator for a Medicine and Web 2.0 university credit course and participate in a recent seminar with me. Enjoy the interview below with our Regional Ambassador extraordinaire to and from Hungary 😉 for Health 2.0 Europe coming up in Paris on April 6–7, 2010.

Denise Silber:  How did you get interested in 2.0 tools for physicians?

Berci Mesko: Ves Dimov, MD from Clinical Cases and Images sent me his slideshow in 2006 and the idea of facilitating the workflow of physicians through social media amazed me. On I started to write about interesting applications and tools doctors and patients can use day by day either in a medical practice or in health management. Later my blog won some blog awards and had plenty of new readers so I thought I should keep on working and informing the public about the potential role of web 2.0 in the future of medicine and healthcare. Through my blog, I’ve received many invitations to speak about these issues at international conferences. All the things I’ve ever done and experienced online resulted in a Health 2.0 site called

DS: As you do your doctorate in genetics, which 2.0 tools are the most helpful for your studies and research?

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