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John Irvine

Understanding Value-Based Purchasing

Value-based care is one of the most misunderstood and controversial areas in a rapidly evolving healthcare system. This helpful webinar introduces and clarifies many of the core concepts involved in the transition to the value-based model.  You’ll get a walk through of programs offered by CMS. Learn how programs are measured.  Hear about the success of programs to date. Find out what organizational changes are necessary for the transition.

Hosted by Bobbi Brown, Vice President, Financial Engagements at Health Catalyst this event will be held Wednesday, May 13th at 1 PM EST and is free of charge. Bobbi’s healthcare finance background includes high profile roles as an executive with Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health and InterMountain. Register now to guarantee your spot.

Open Sourcing What Works in Health & Wellness

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.28.09 AMFew argue that we have a fully optimized healthcare system. In fact, many argue the opposite. I have good news for you. All of the components of a high achieving health ecosystem have not only been created — they have been proven with solid evidence backing them up.

The future is here. It is just unevenly distributed. — William Gibson

Mr. Gibson could have been speaking about healthcare when he made this oft-cited quote. Unfortunately, while we have the components to fix health and healthcare, they are scattered all over the country and world. Healthcare, in it’s present state, is a design failure given the money, smarts and compassion that we invest. Put simply, it rewards the wrong activities. We pay for illness and treatment, and we get more illness and treatment. Even if we had a perfectly designed health ecosystem, the emerging convergence of new genomic insights, smartphones and mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, sensors, wearables and changed reimbursement models creates an enormous new challenge.

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