A Conversation About the Dangers of Overhydration with Professor Timothy Noakes


Professor Timothy Noakes, a South African exercise scientist and emeritus professor at the University of Cape Town who has run over 70 ultramarathons, speaks to me about the dangers of overhydration in endurance sports.

Listen to our conversation at Radiology Firing Line Podcast.

Saurabh Jha is a contributing editor to THCB and host of Radiology Firing Line Podcast of the Journal of American College of Radiology, sponsored by Healthcare Administrative Partner

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  1. Great interview with iconoclastic information and research.

    I work out 3Xs per week and over the years all the trainers and fellow exercisers I have spoken to told me to drink, drink, drink, water, water, water. I could never understand it and believed somehow that my body would tell me when I needed water. Even when I was running 30 miles per week I never drank along the way and had no bad experiences.

    Thanks for the interview.

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