Healthcare.gov? Go to the Back of the Line!!!

Aardvark in North Carolina writes:

flying cadeuciiOn the Healthcare.gov web site I was filling the application – an arduous process that – even when pre-filled from last year, takes 30 – 45 minutes. At the review and sign, I found ONE date that was wrong: the day and month were inadvertently transposed. from 09/08 to 08/09. Since the information will be checked against tax records I thought it best to correct this prior to signing.

I clicked on the “edit” button which brought a box “Do you really want to edit your application”, Yes! That’s why I clicked the button – BOOM! back to “GO”,  

So it took almost 45 minutes to go through again, (I do work by the way, so this time consuming process is not OK), but I did it. THEN at review I found I had been so frustrated OR the process accepted the key stroke wrong so I now had 09/03 instead of 09/08.

 NOT wanting to go back to the very beginning AGAIN, I called the help desk, thinking this would save time. The agent was supportive and pleasant, but basically REFILLED the ENTIRE form again!!!!!!!

SURELY the US GOVERNMENT can MAKE THIS WEB SITE ALLOW A SINGLE CHANGE OF A SINGLE ITEM. What is wrong with the IT people that I cannot change a single date on this thing without wasting 45 minutes? I guess not. Really? Are these the same people that are in charge of our defense systems? 

I have spent about 2 hours trying to correct a single date in the application. I just thought someone might see this and try to make this site better.


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  1. In regards to how Healthcare.gov runs, gee, I thought they had it fixed. I guess that was the fix.

    In regards to Peter1, since we do not have single-pay in the USA, I do not accept your proposal at the process being that easy, since the USA has plenty of lawyers to make any process worse than it has to be. And given the results of Hawaii, Oregon, and Maryland at creating their own exchanges, NC might have been smart to leave the problems to the Feds as more states are choosing to do (http://kaiserhealthnews.org/news/two-states-likely-to-set-up-own-exchange-for-2015/) .

    • Talos, your link date was April 2014, below is the 2015 information on all states.


      Haven’t heard of a lawyer getting into the sign-up business, have you?

      States always clamor for more autonomy, saying they can do it better, but of course with federal dollars. I’ve always found local politics more responsive. In Canada each province handles their own Medicare but supported partially with federal dollars.

      I agree Federal web site no where near what it should be.

  2. Aardvark, in single-pay you’re just covered, period, no painful application. You get your health card to present to any provider and all payments are taken care of.

    By the way, in NC our glorious Republican legislators decided on pure evangelically ideological grounds to not setup a state exchange which probably would have made the process quicker and easier – or at least closer to the legislators for complaints.

    Maybe your angst will subside when you get that subsidy.

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