The Melody Of Quality Measures: Harmonize And Standardize

With unsustainably high costs and tremendous gaps in quality and patient safety, the health care system is ripe with opportunities for improvement. For years, many have seen quality measurement as a means to drive needed change. Private and public payers, public health departments, and independent accreditation organizations have asked health care providers to report on quality measures, and quality measures have been publicly reported or tied to financial reimbursement or both.

Throughout the Affordable Care Act (ACA), quality measures are tied to reimbursements in multiple programs.  It is critical that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) move forward with a strategy for measure harmonization that will accommodate local and national needs to evaluate outcomes and value.  Additionally, a standard for calculation measures such as the use of a minimal data set for the universe of measures should be considered.

The field of quality measurement is at a critical juncture. The Affordable Care Act (ACA)—which mentions “quality measures,” “performance measures,” or “measures of quality,” 128 times—heightened an already growing emphasis on quality measurement. With so much focus on quality, the resource burden on health care providers of taking and reporting measures for multiple agencies and payers is significant.

Furthermore, the field itself is being transformed with the continued adoption of electronic health records (EHRs).  Traditional measures are largely based on administrative or claims data. The increased use of EHRs create the opportunity to develop sophisticated electronic clinical quality measures (eQMs) leveraging clinical data, which when linked with clinical decision support tools and payment policy, have the potential to improve quality and decrease costs more dramatically than traditional ones.   Innovative electronic measures on the horizon include “delta measures” calculating changes in patient health over time and care coordination measures for the electronic transfer of patient information (i.e., hospital discharge summary or consultant note successfully transmitted to the primary care physician). Additionally, traditional data abstraction methodologies for clinical data require labor intensive, chart review processes, which would be eliminated if data could be electronically extracted.

The Measures Application Partnership

Recently, the National Quality Forum (NQF), the steward of the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP), released its final, pre-rulemaking report to the HHS on February 1st.  Section 3014 of the ACA mandated the creation of the “pre-rulemaking process,” which includes the annual public release on December 1 of quality measures under consideration for HHS programs, as well as sufficient time for multi-stakeholder comment on the proposed measures. HHS contracted with the NQF to convene the multi-stakeholder group (named MAP by NQF) to provide analysis and strategic guidance on performance and public reporting measures, including on increasing alignment within HHS and between public and private payers. The pre-rulemaking report is one of several reports created by MAP to improve and streamline quality measurement and reporting. The pre-rulemaking report provides HHS with analysis and feedback for over 350 measures under consideration for almost 20 of its programs.

MAP’s work begins to lay the foundation for advancing quality measurement and reporting. As eQMs are developed and gradually replace more traditional measures, measure alignment will become paramount. To calculate and report an eQM requires the ability to capture structured data, extract those data elements from multiple sources within the EHR, and then run a measure logic engine to apply the rules of the measure. This is a complicated process fraught with many challenges and requiring appreciable investments by providers and EHR vendors. The life-cycle of these measures (development, validation, testing and programming of measure reporting tool) does not allow for rapid adaptation to provider workflow or the rapid incorporation of changing evidence.

Moreover, vocabulary standards for eQMs are currently being evaluated. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) is working with NQF on developing the vocabulary standards for the electronic specifications for these eQMs. One of their goals is to create a standardized model (the Quality Data Model) to turn measure specifications into computable value sets, which then can be used for quality measurement.

The following are some suggestions to mitigate some the mentioned barriers to the rapid and efficient use of quality measures to improve performance:

1) Harmonize, harmonize, harmonize. As mentioned, measure harmonization is critical to the future of quality measurement and reporting. In a health care system with increasingly limited resources, it is important to shift resources from quality measurement and reporting to quality improvement, which is the ultimately goal of measurement. The burden on providers and vendors is immense, and harmonization among private and public payers, public health departments, and independent accreditation agencies will enable providers to focus on increasing value in the most high impact areas. Providers and hospitals will participate in a multitude of national, state and local programs such as PQRS, Value Based Purchasing (VBP), Inpatient Hospital Quality Reporting System, Patient Centered Medical Homes, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), HEDIS, state initiatives and commercial private payer initiatives. It seems logical to find a common set of measures based on common clinical priorities such as the Million Hearts Initiative or Partnership for Patient Safety.   Meaningful Use Stage 1 has used a core plus menu model, which allows for a combination of standardized and customized reporting.

2) Develop a standardized minimal data set to enable calculation of 80 percent of the measures. Another challenge is the discrepancy between the data captured by various EHRs. The MAP’s pre-rulemaking report and many others in the measurement community often speak of the need for a “core set” of measures that could be broadly applied across multiple settings and providers.  For an eQM to be part of this core there must be a standardized, minimum set of data that all EHRs capture. Much work is needed in identifying this data set and then integrating data capture seamlessly with workflow. With hundreds of certified EHR products in use, a standardized minimal data set will enable the calculation of 80 percent of the measures and will allow for rapid implementation and extraction of data within provider workflows. It will also allow State and local measure reporting requirements be aligned with Federal requirements.

3) Use data intermediaries to report quality measures. Even if strides are made toward measure alignment and data capture, there still will likely be a significant reporting burden placed on health care providers.  Given the potential complexity of calculating eQMs, one solution would be foster the creation of data intermediaries. These organizations could import data from disparate sources from providers, calculate quality measures, and then feed the results back to the provider for quality improvement and to the relevant third parties. The Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) currently has a feedback loop to providers using claims data that averages 18 months; this lengthy delay impedes on any real time quality improvement. Data intermediaries could be piggybacked to State Health Information Exchanges, Regional Extensional Centers, or Quality Improvement Organizations to service ACOs and health homes enabling real time improvement while helping providers/hospitals report to Federal and State agencies.

The field of eQMs is still in its infancy, but we believe it is the future of quality measurement. ONC, CMS and NQF deserve accolades for their extensive work creating the foundation for this future. The realization of the potential of eQMs will require a number of challenges to be addressed through creative and innovative solutions. Measure harmonization, the creation of minimal data set, and fostering the development of data intermediaries are steps toward this realization.

Ahmad F, Tsang T, The Melody of Quality Measures: Harmonize, Standardize, Health Affairs Blog, 21 February 2012. Copyright ©2012 Health Affairs by Project HOPE – The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

Faraz Ahmad, MD is a third year internal medicine resident in the Healthcare Leadership in Quality Track at the University of Pennsylvania and a member of the Center for Healthcare Improvement and Patient Safety.

Thomas Tsang, MD, MPH, FACP, is currently the Senior Advisor to the Governor of Hawaii for Healthcare Transformation and a CMMI Innovations Advisor.   He was formerly the Medical Director, Meaningful Use and Quality at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and served on the Committee on Ways and Means.

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lagiTangannya semakin rancak menulisDia perlu menyiapkan laporan itu hari ini jugaAlia mula kelihatan sibuk*******************************************************Hazriq tenang ketika memandu di dalam keretaSesekali kesesakan lalulintas di kota raya itu memeningkan kepalanya”Biasalahhidup di Kuala Lumpur”Hazriq menyenangkan hatinya sendirianSesekali fikirannya menerawang terhadap apa yang dikatakan oleh Aliaisterinya malam semalamTidak disangka isterinya sanggup dimadukan semata-mata untuk kebahagiaan dirinyaHazriq tidak mahu Alia terlukaWalaupun isterinya itu mengizinkan dia berkahwin laintetapidi hati kecilnya belum tentu isterinya itu rela paling tidak pun tergurisAhIsterikusungguh cetek pemikiranmuRezeki ALLAH sentiasa ada untuk hamba-hambanyaSebagai hamba-NYAkita hanya perlu berusaha dan bertawakalInsyaallahakan ada sesuatu yang menantiBenarlah yang dikatakanlelaki mempunyai sembilan akal satu nafsupermpuan pula mempunyai satu akal sembilan nafsuDalam ituHazriq juga tidak menafikanAlia berbuat semua ini kerana kebahagiaan dirinyaHazriq mengeluh sendirian di dalam keretanya itu sambil meredah kesesakan kota raya bernama Kuala Lumpur itu…********************************************Sebuah Mercedes Benz berwarna hitam memasuki perkarangan rumah banglo dua tingkat yang tersergam indah di atas sebuah bukit betul-betul di tengah-tengah kota raya Kuala Lumpur ituHazriq keluar dari keretanya ituKereta Hyundai Elantra tidak ada di situbermakna Alia masih belum pulang dari tempat kerjaSepatutnya isterinya itu tidak perlu bekerja kerana pendapatannnya sebagai seorang ‘bussinessman’ agak menguntungkan sehingga mampu membeli sebuah rumah banglo yang betul-betul terletak di tengah-tengah kota Kuala Lumpur ituTetapi Alia tetap berdegil untuk bekerjaKatanya sunyiHazriq tersenyum sendirianlalu memasuki rumah banglo dua tingkat miliknya bersama Alia ituDia menghempas tubuhnya di atas sofa empuk di kediamannya ituDia berimaginasi seketikaDia membayangkan suara kanak-kanak sedang menyambut ayahnya pulang dari kerjaDia tersnyum sendirian lagiTetapi apakan dayasuasana itu entah akan datang entah tidak dalam hidupnyaDisebabkan masalah yang dihadapi oleh isterinya itudia tidak menaruhkan harapan yang tinggi terhadap zuriat**************************************************Sepanjang perjalanan ke MuarHazriq dan Alia lebih memilih untuk melayani fikiran masing-masingTidak banyak yang hendak dibicarakanSesekali Alia memecah kesunyian dengan mecari topik perbualan sepanang perjalanan ke rumah ibu mertuanya ituiaitu ibu HazriqHazriq melayan setiap percakapan isterinya itu bagi mengelakkan rasa bosan dan kesunyian sepanjang perjalanan Seorang lelaki lingkungan lima puluh-an membuka pintu pagar rumah banglo dua tingkat ituDia ialah Pak AliDia telah lama berkhidmat di situ semenjak Hazriq masih bayi lagiPak Ali memberi isyarat kepada Hazriq supaya masuk ke perkarangan rumah banglo ituHazriq masuk lalu meletakkan keretanya di perkarangan rumah ituKelihatan ibu HazriqDatin Hasnah sudah tercegat di depan pintuHazriq diikuti Alia keluar mendapatkan ibu mereka itu“Assalamualaikummak”Hazriq mengambil tangan Datin Hasnah lalu mencium tangan orang tua ituDatin Hasnah tidak menjawabDari riak wajahnyakelihatan dia tidak begitu gembiraIni membuatkan Alia berasa serba salahDia menghulurkan tangannya untuk bersalaman dengan ibu mertuanya itu tetapi Datin Hasnah segera menepis lalu masuk ke dalam rumahAlia dan Hazriq berpandangan sesama sendiri*************************************************“Mak dah ada calon isteri untuk kau”Kata-kata Datin Hasnah itu menyebabkan Hazriq dan Alia tersentak“Makapa mak cakap niSaya kan dah ada isteri”Hazriq menunjukkan reaksi tidak senang dengan kata-kata ibunya itu”Kau tak dengar keMak nak kau kahwin dengan anak Tan Sri Yusof tuMeliaMak nak cucu”datin Hasnah menjeling ke arah AliaAlia hanya tundukDia sudah menjangkakan perkara ini pasti berlaku“Tapi makAlia bukan tak boleh mengandungcuma ambil masa sikit sajabagilah kami peluang mak”Hazriq cuba memujuk ibunya yang keras kepala itu“Sampai bilaSampai mak mati”Datin Hasnah bersuara penuh emosi“Abangbetul kata mak Abang tuLia tak mampu memberi Abang zuriat BangAbang ikutlah kata-kata ibu Abang itu”Alia bersuara tiba-tibaSuaranya tersekat-sekat menahan kesedihan“TapiLiaAbang cintakan Lia”Hazriq mendapatkan Lia lalu memeluk tubuh isteri kesayangannya itu“Hazriqkau jangan jadi bodoh!Jangan berbicara soal itu!

  3. Anak tauke ni memang mencabar aku betul. Nak tau makan la sendiri.Dia benci melihat wajah Cikgu Amirul yang seakan-akan puas melihat dia didenda begitu.Atau singkatannya LAM.“Wah??“Cikgu!” Aku mengadu kepada Tasha. Tapi, Tak semestiya bila perpegang tangan tu tanda cinta, bisik hatinya.

  4. ’ Fikir Adelia. “Oh my god!! Sekarang bila dapat titletunang terus lupa mungkin fikir Emran akan faham.Kamu memang bijak. Tiba-tiba dia ternampak sebatang paku di atas tanah yang muncul entah dari mana.” Kata-kata Mirul membuat hatiku luluh. Encik Amirul meluahkan isi hatinya di depan semua staff. Qish memegang perutnya yang terasa pedih dan perit. lelaki tadi kembali duduk. Sebenarnya sastera ini cukup indah sekiranya kita mengetahui nilai estetiknya.

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  6. That’s good news! I am an early adopter of Google Health, but the big hdolup with having it become useful is on the doctor’s office side. I have only had two doctors participate in the system, and there isn’t much value in a partially complete medical record.I hope it works soon.

  7. We should be focusing on the quality of care that is being given to the patient and being swamped with paperwork is certainly no help. I can see why many Hospitals, Health Systems, Clinics, Physicians and Pharmacies have continued the adoption of electronic health records.

  8. Excellent article, thank you.

    I’m interested in your insights on how the thousands of stand-alone data systems & requirements for fed, state, county and other payors will ever become integrated in a way that a healthcare org. with programs in many localities can comply with reporting requirements for each and every contract utilizing a single entry data system. Right now it’s nowhere near possible.

  9. Good luck with that. Who exactly will be providing the care you are proposing to measure?

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  11. Great piece on this important topic. Question: if the standards and measures of quality are to become ubiquitous; then what is the pathway towards making the workflow that produces the highest quality mainstream, as well? Without workflow (clinical care delivery using the EHR in realtime) redesign, how will the quality standards become real tools of real change? Eg., quality measure = number of plane crashes; process elements = the thousands of individual workflows involved in the running of airlines and airports safely.