Health 2.0 Europe: Keynote by Morten Petersen

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The Danish government’s Morten Petersen discusses Denmark’s National e-Health Portal at the Health 2.0 Europe Conference.

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  1. I was in the room and can attest to two things not shown on the video: pin-drop silence in the room and Morten Petersen’s smile as he showed what 2.0 can be: early integration of health data (1993), early use of social tools (2003), patient satisfaction ratings, hospital/ward comparisons, etc.
    Note that even in Denmark, with universal access to health care/health data and encouragement to use patient networks, it is still not clear that outcomes were different. Patients said they were reassured and had peace of mind, but their clinical outcomes were no different. To me, that was a significant headline from the Health 2.0 Europe conference.