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HIMSS Parties, and a little more

Next week the health IT world descends on Atlanta which means a lot of chat, lots of meetings and lots of parties. You’ll be seeing the results of my interviews on THCB next week.

But meanwhile more importantly—the party schedule. So far I’m signed up on Monday for the MEDecision party (mostly because it’s in the aquarium), the HISTalkparty (in which you try to spot the mysterious MrHISTalk and Inga) at Max Lagers. I’ll likely be wearing a sash.

For Tuesday night I’ve been asked to give a special shout out to the FierceHealthIT party. Apparently this one will be huge but there’s room for more. It’s at the World of Coca-Cola, and I'm not sure if you have to bring your own rum. Sign up here

Finally, there’s a new party on Tuesday called HITMen which has an interesting group of cats & dogs on its host committee….although probably only worth going after the palavah is over (unless you like sitting through award ceremonies).

Of course there’s a large chance that I’ll miss all of these but there are two sessions I won’t be missing.

Monday at 2pm in room C201 I’ll be one of the bloggers to meet in the Meet the Bloggers session. It’ll be a good chance for me to argue in public with Val Jones.

And Tuesday at 1pm the ever wonderful Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and I will be presenting on Health 2.0 & Participatory Medicine in Georgia Ballroom 1.

This does all assume I can get out of France despite the air traffic controllers strike! Hope to see you in Atlanta.

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  1. Matthew,
    I look forward to possibly meeting you at HIMSS. Have you done anything on the pervasive lack of cost transparency by EHR vendors on THCB? For years I have visited almost every EHR vendor booth at HIMSS and to date have not been able to get any cost information. I realize that if I submit a formal RFP I will get that information but is that realistic? Others such as eClinicalWorks, SoapWare and AmazingCharts have opted to post pricing on their web sites.
    How are evolving Regional Extension Centers charged with educating and implementing EHRs going to have dialogue with docs without some element of cost transparency? I would appreciate your comments

  2. BlueDogSprit
    That is a fantastic idea. Remind me to submit a bill to HIMSS for being at (not hosting) the blogging panel, not mention my speaking fee for the Health 2.0 talk (with Jane) plus my hotel room, food and air fare and more…
    If they decide not to honor the invoice I’ll now send them, I’m going to HIMSS at a personal cost of a couple of thousand bucks. I’ll give HIMSS lots of my work and great publicity on THCB, and I get nothing–all because some other people (not HIMSS but those party hosts) are buying me a drink!
    Probably more cost effective to buy myself a good bottle of single malt and sit at home!
    But I like your attitude!

  3. Matthew,
    I cannot believe with Healthcare Reform imploding, and the problems with EHRs and EMRs being reported, your main concern is which party to attend? Unbelievable!!
    I seem to recall that the passengers on the Titanic were partying right before the ship went down…
    BTW, how much $$$ is HIMSS paying you to host their blogging event? Are you getting FREE airline tickets and FREE hotel stay, as well as a per diem?

  4. Matthew – I hope to see you at the MEDecision event or wondering around the conference somewhere. I’m currently double booked during your presentation – but hope to free up to get there. I didn’t know you and Jane were presenting.

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