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Interview: Bob Wachter on reform, safety, primary care and everything


One of the best commentators around on the issues of patient safety, health care quality and basically everything to do with health care organizations is UCSF Professor Bob Wachter. Bob has been in the trenches as one of the leaders in the hospitalist movement, a major driver behind improving patient safety, and has also straddled the worlds of medical practice as a PCP, academia at UCSF, and been publicizing this all to a wider audience–particularly with his 2005 book Internal Bleeding and his more recent book Understanding Patient Safety. Then of course there are his occasional blog posts both on Wachter’s World and here on THCB.

This was a really fun conversation and somehow Bob remains an optimist. Here’s the interview.

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  1. Speech is propaganda. He did not mention the failed HIT project at UCSF. The readers want to know details of adverse events.
    Dr. W may have to abide by the “do not disclose” clause of the vendor-hospital contract.

  2. Felasfa. You are able to download the MP3 by right clicking on it and then be able to suck it into iTunes manually. We’ll look into the rest of your suggestions. thanks, Matthew

  3. Patient Safety as a system is expected to provide care to patients more safe, to prevent injury from the error due to the action or not taking action that should be done.