Announcement: Money-Driven Medicine on DVD

Academy-award-winning documentary film producer Alex Gibney (Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room, and Taxi to the Dark Side) has made a 90-minute documentary based on THCB contributor Maggie Mahar’s book Money-Driven Medicine. Bill Moyers will be showing a shorter 55 minute version of the film on his PBS show, Bill Moyer’s Journal, Friday, August 28 (Check local listings for time.)

Institutions can buy the DVD of the 90 minute version here  or by calling 877-811-7495. Individuals can rent a digital version of the film for home use anytime after August 28 for $2.99

“Money-Driven Medicine is one of the strongest documentaries I have seen in years and could not be more timely.  The more people who see and talk about it, the more likely we are to get serious and true health care reform.”—Bill Moyers

“Few Americans appreciate how the health care system is gamed against physicians’ professional commitment to focus only on their patients’ best interests.  This outstanding film helps us all understand why reform is essential.” – Elliott S. Fisher, MD, Director, Dartmouth Center for Health Policy Research

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James M. Ridgway, Jr.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

If health care were the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” the giant health insurance companies would be the money grubbing old man Potter and his predatory bank, while a public option would equate to the little building in loan fighting off Potter, lead by the heroic Jimmy Stewart character.

Christina Marlowe
Christina Marlowe

Dear Peter, They know who they are–I don’t lump them all together; I know that they are not ALL that way. I am merely speaking to those (and, again, they know who they are) that are indeed the whores. If they, or anyone else, takes offense, then perhaps they are guilty of something? Personally, I have a crystal-clear conscience; I am only baiting those that will argue with me…I really and truly don’t care what anyone thinks; I am only engaged in fighting the titans of industries that are ruining the world–and there are many. I am also fighting for… Read more »

Christina Marlowe
Christina Marlowe

To all the [health care] industry whoring politicians who are lying, treacherous and, of course, in cahoots with the industry titans: When my private (and expensive) health care “insurance” company dropped me, citing my illness as not only pre-existing but excluded from coverage anyway, I had to go onto Medi-Cal (California’s Medi-Caid program) and Medi-Care. Both are government-run programs. Both are excellent. I couldn’t be happier. It just amazes me that a full and startling half of all Americans are not only completely uninformed but so, well, so unbelievably stupid. Each one of these idiots shoot themselves in the foot… Read more »