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    After IGNORING the Fannie/Freddie crisis — Bwarney Fwrank ought to be IN JAIL. He’s got zero credibility, IMHO.

  2. Blame the media for fanning the flames of this Republican backed anger at the town hall meetings by idiotic reactionaries. Some are genuine lunatics while others are naive undereducated simpletons who can’t even find their own country on a map. Vacuous morons who watch Fox News and will believe any propaganda flung their way. It makes for good tv so the media keeps it alive. They do a great disservice to our country but the profit motive will trump the truth every time in this ever increasing ignorant nation.

  3. I love Barney and admire the strenght that he shows when an idiot to upstage him. Thanks

  4. Barney Frank is totally awesome. I have a lot of respect for him. He did not let the crazy woman get away with it and kept control of the room. Way to go! We need more representatives like Mr. Frank.

  5. While his comments made me laugh (and also mutter ‘right on’) since as he’s a Jew it’s hugely insulting for her to suggest he’s advocating a Nazi policy, I actually got kind of annoyed that he said he would not deign to debate her. In being so dismissive, he lowered himself to her level when he could have risen above, and perhaps taught her a thing or two. We’re debating the ethics of Frank’s town hall performance on our blog, Everyday Ethics, if you want to weigh in: http://blog.beliefnet.com/everydayethics/2009/08/barney-frank-town-hall-video-was-his-response-appropriate-or-unethical.html

  6. God bless you Barney Frank! Some of these extremist haters need to be put in their place and I’m proud to see that you said what has needed to be said for a long time. Rational debate is one thing but these clowns are pushing something else. They see their America slowly evolving because they will soon be the minority and they can’t stand it. Thank you Barney Frank!

  7. Holt sucks lives on a planet where he can distort history to suit is personal needs. Frank, like many Republicans, used a prostitute, but he did not use public moneys for his pleasure. However, he was reprimanded for fixing having his office fix the parking tickets of his hustler friend. That doesn’t make Frank less than a great congressman, who the majority of his constituents have re-elected over and over again. Go suck on a lemon Holt…

  8. Barney Frank lives on a planet where he can use taxpayer dollars to hire cokehead prostitutes and blather on about the solvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the summer of 2008. That planet is known as Washington, D.C.

  9. Bravo, Sen. Frank.
    Regarding the Larouche and Moonies comment above, there is a large Moon compound just north of Boston (in a beautiful, waterfront estate), so it’s entirely plausible that they attended Barney Frank’s health care meeting.

  10. To me, this makes Barney Frank come across as extremely arrogant and pompous. I saw some other clips from the same townhall and he is so demeaning and rude. Some how our “representatives” stopped representing their constituents and began representing their own interests. Very sad where we’ve come and Barney Frank is the worst of the lot from what I’m seeing.

  11. The young girl pictured on this video and others seems to be a deluded member of the Larouche cult. Larouche is a convicted con man whose cult stole upwards of 34 milion dollars from elderly supporters in the 1980s. For that, he and others were sent to prison. Since running a cult and living off of other people’s money is the only think Larouche knows how to do , he has recruited several dozen naive college aged studentn to drop out and work 18 hour days, 6 1/2 days a week for him in persuing his lunacies.
    Larouche calls everyone a Nazi which works fine with the few hundred or so fools who are in the cult who work the streets for him. The cult has a 24/7 universe of never ending doom where the enemies of humanity must be defeated or a “New Dark Ages” will appear. It really is a sick cult which has latched on to opposition to Obama in hopes of making money and maybe recruting some more members to slave away for the jet setting Larouche.
    The first mention of linking Obama with Hitler’s T-4 program occured last year in the Moonies DC newspaper. The Larouche cult has had a few links with the Moon cult in the past from what I have been reading.
    In fact, one of the sicker things I have been reading about the cult is that 87 year old Larouche has had many of the older members who cost money thrown off of their health insurance rolls since the naive person you see in the video does not need health insurance as Larouche reasoned years ago. This really is so creepy to see as the the cult shows up like scavengers and cockroaches with Obama = Hitler signs to fool people into giving them money and recruiting into their crazed
    You can read more about this very sick cult and how it works on a site like laroucheplanet.info

  12. never thought much of Barney Frank but he did respond effectively given how she presented herself.