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I am shocked, shocked that Rick Scott would twist the truth

Surprise, surprise, the British women who appear in the so-called Conservatives for Patients’ (so-called) Rights” propaganda are complaining that their words were twisted completely out of context. ‘We were duped’: Two British women tricked into become stars of campaign to sabotage Obama’s healthcare reforms. Further the British oncologist featured was told that he was appearing in a documentary, not in a right wing advertising campaign.

And most disingenuously of all—whether you agree with it or not—at no point have the Congressional leaders running the process or Obama introduced legislation calling for either serious single-payer (Canadian-style) or nationalized government provided care (UK-style).

So Rick Scott is conning people to twist their stories to run adverts to oppose something that no one is proposing.

Perhaps there should be $1.8 billion dollar fines for misrepresentation…

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  1. Matt: That the neo-criminal (Columbia/HCA earned corporate convicted felon status under his leadership) Scott can serve as the poster child for ‘conservative healthcare’ is indeed an all too poignant irony of American life, not lost on some.
    That Scott misleads, and distorts the truth is merely a ‘cost of business’, and code of conduct he knows well, and regularly deploys in support of an avaricious and compulsively self serving agenda.
    Maybe he deserves another bite at the Apple? Perhaps this time his culpability will not be overlooked?

  2. being sorta serious for a second just becuase they haven’t introduced a bill yet doesn’t mean it is not up for discussion. Numerous Democrat legislators have openly peoposed and advocated for single payor in thelast 24 months. It could be slipped in at the last minute or in committee. So to claim we can not counter the discussion Democrats started is unfair.
    Also by your logic since Obama hasn’t introduced any legislation or even shared a model bill you would seem to be claiming any debate in regards to healthcare is dishonest.

  3. What I don’t get about that Holt guy is why he thinks it’s OK for him, Obama, Pelosi, Waxman and Kennedy to lie to the American people about their health care deforms while it’s wrong for Scott to run an ad using people who didn’t like how he used their comments?
    I mean, what is it about the Brits, who are defending the indefensible U.K. health system?
    Bush’s legacy is Obama. You can’t do much worse than that. 🙂

  4. Matthew Holt, you do not belong on this site. I’ve been reading THCB daily for about two months now, and every single post of yours contains the nonsensical partisan vitriol, completely devoid of cogent analysis or any attempt at professionalism.
    THCB editors, please drop this one-note hack from your list of contributors.

  5. we have allowed the false advertising…our political system is full of it and now we see how we are digging our own grave because few rich cannot see the need to have a common good….

  6. Stephen Hawking went publicly to denounce one American nut’s suggestion that Hawking would not have survived for so long without the American Health Care System, and defended the British NHS Health Care System. We, Americans ought to be mad with the American Health Care system that is the most expensive, compared to the world’s developed nations, giving us the hight infant mortality rate and letting Americans to live a life expectancy below 49 other nations.
    Perhaps, we should be using Singapore’s Health Care System as our model. 90% of Singaporeans are happy with their health care and they live to a life expectancy of 82.12 years, ranking 4th in world life expectancy rating. That country spends a third of what it costs the U.S. in health care costs. It has the wisdom to make its citizens take responsibility over their own medical needs. Singaporeans have to pre-save for medical expenses through mandatory deductions from their paychecks and employer contributions. These Medisave Accounts allow approved categories of medical treatment expenses to be deducted for themselves, their grandparents, parents, spouses or children: Everything specialized and with expensive private doctors would be out-of-pocket expenses. Those in financial hardship in funding their medical needs can opt for the Medifund, a safety net set up by the Government to assist the poor and needy. There are government public hospitals in competition with the private hospitals. Ad there are private health care plans for anyone wanting them. Singapore’s health care system allows the rich to pay more, and those who can’t afford the needed special private treatment are helped. Since Singaporeans have to pay out-of-pocket expenses, you can expect them not to be chronic with their visits to the doctors or hospitals. It also keeps a check on doctors’ and hospital over-billings.