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I am shocked, shocked that Rick Scott would twist the truth

Surprise, surprise, the British women who appear in the so-called Conservatives for Patients’ (so-called) Rights” propaganda are complaining that their words were twisted completely out of context. ‘We were duped’: Two British women tricked into become stars of campaign to sabotage Obama’s healthcare reforms. Further the British oncologist featured was told that he was appearing in a documentary, not in a right wing advertising campaign.

And most disingenuously of all—whether you agree with it or not—at no point have the Congressional leaders running the process or Obama introduced legislation calling for either serious single-payer (Canadian-style) or nationalized government provided care (UK-style).

So Rick Scott is conning people to twist their stories to run adverts to oppose something that no one is proposing.

Perhaps there should be $1.8 billion dollar fines for misrepresentation…