Health 2.0 Group Chicago, meets Thurs 15th

Calling all Chicagoans – Some attendees of the Health 2.0 Conference would like to create a regional Health 2.0 group in your area—FIRST MEETING IS TOMORROW!

The Purpose: To form a group within the greater Chicagoland area to connect, to discuss, and to inform on all things health and technology.

The Goals:         1. Stay in line with the Health 2.0 "mothers hip" vision        2. To be a referral network for both resources and ideas       3. A platform to direct you to a specific product of interest         4. To provide an audience to those interested in pitching a Health 2.0 product demo/idea/question       5. A forum for speakers to share current and relevant information pertaining to Health 2.0       6. An arena to discuss topics facing the Health 2.0 environment        7. A "jumping off" point to network with other Health 2.0 regional groups (Currently, LA, DC, Boston, NYC)

How this will be facilitated:      1. Meetings once a month (The Third Thursday of every month)     
2. Rotating leadership – Will look to meeting participants to volunteer
and take ownership to host/organize the monthly meetings.       3. Meetings to be held at an informal setting in the Chicagoland areaA
small group met in December to discuss the high level information
above. Based on some of the decisions made, the next meeting is
scheduled to be held on January 15, 2008 at 5:30 am cst at Matilda’s – 3101 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL (Sheffield and Barry in Chicago). Below is an agenda to help the group get started:


  • Welcome
  • Overview – Overview of the structure and purpose we discussed last meeting
  • Web Site/Communication
  • Change.gov – Healthcare Discussion Meeting
  • Security – Security items the government released a couple weeks
    back. Also, how we think we as a community can help manage/impose
    security standards for the entire community as a whole.
  • Open – Any items the group would like to discuss.
  • Next meeting – Location, Agenda, Who Hosts, Maybe product feedback?

Additionally if you have interest in this group, please check out
the Facebook Group “Health 2.0 – Chicago”, Facebook Event “Health 2.0
— Chicago – Meetup”, and for all those on Twitter – a Twtvite: http://twtvite.com/p61cej.

If you have the opportunity and interest, please brave this blistery
Chicago weather to make out to the second Health 2.0 Chicago Meetup.
Thanks ! Kind Regards, Naveen Gidwani

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  1. Anne, sorry. The comments on this entry should have been closed. The meeting mentioned was held on January 15th 2009. See Chirag’s link above for information on upcoming events in the Chicago area.

  2. Do I have to join the meet up group to attend the meeting? The 15th is Friday. On which day is this meeting? Do I need to be a health care professional to attend the meeting?

  3. Geoff,
    Thank you for your post. I think your topic of health care delivery and public health as it pertains to Health 2.0 would be great topic for a meeting. Can you please contact me @ naveen.gidwani@tabyat.com to further discuss? Thanks !

  4. I am interested in your Chicago forum (missed the January event), and would like to discuss the interface between healthcare delivery and public health within the context of Health 2.0. Let me know if this would be a good fit for your group.

  5. All: Correction: The meeting is at 5:30 PM CST. Apologies for any confusion. Thank You.