Alan Rosenstein MD’s post on "Disruptive Physician Behavior: Fact versus Frenzy" displeased several readers.  One fired back:

"How about disruptive administrators? Those who destroy
clinical departments thru incompetence, inexperience, and just plain
egotistical stupidity? What about arrogance, and general ahole-like
behavior? Got a regulation for that?"

JROSSI had this to say in response to David Reece’s Tuesday post "Confessions of a Cultural Anthropologist: The Real Reason for High Healthcare Costs"   

"Why is there a primary care shortage? I have been a family doctor for 19 years. Finally, the NEJM has touched the nub of the matter–I’ve been telling people this for years now.  It’s the new medical students who are increasingly bottom-line focused.  They were raised in a culture that is bottom-line oriented, and they’re not going to change. More money, less work (this is also a crucial factor that the editorial doesn’t discuss). Cultural, cultural to the core."

David Kibbe’s posting on the National Research Council’s much talked about report on "The Healthcare IT Chasm" drew this response from Peter Basch, MD.

"Kudos to the National Research Council for their comprehensive and
sober analysis of the state of health information technology as it
exists today, and for their thoughtful recommendations. These
recommendations reflect not just their research and editorial advice,
but the current conventional wisdom and implementation approach of
nearly all clinical informatics leaders.

A physician calling themselves J Bean had this to say in the same thread:

"I spend most of my evenings entering data into our new, multi-million dollar EMR and no longer have much free time except on Wednesdays.  I’ve stopped seeing patients one day per week so that I can have more time to wrestle with the computerized input of useless dreck …I was a systems and software engineer for a decade before I went to
medical school and I’m pretty under-impressed by what I’ve seen in the
field … It’s amateurish at best. It certainly doesn’t meet any kind of
standards for good user interface design. It does a remarkably poor job
of data aggregation. It doesn’t have a search function or even allow
easy access to older data, much less provide "decision support". It has
made my job harder rather than easier."

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