McCain, Obama and Palin show ignorance on economic turmoil

The presidential candidates, Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain, and the
vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin are showing in their comments
on the financial crisis that none of them understand the crisis, the
economy or what’s behind the financial crisis.

They all need to sit down with their financial advisers and learn
what is going on so they can at least pretend to be smart about markets
and the economy.

What they are saying and the ignorance they’re displaying is simply appalling.

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  1. rbar:
    Healthcare is a major piece of the American Apple Pie.
    It represents a significant percentage of GDP and is growing. Previous policy involved a sustainable growth
    index attempting to limit government spending in the health sector. Federal and/or state funding of healthcare, already in a critical melt down is impacted by the instability of the financial markets….We are not isolated….and it is critical that healthcare providers do not think (although we would like to) we are a priveleged class….Yes we do want to do what is best for our patients.

  2. I thought this is a blog about healthcare. I do not see a direct relation, and not even an attempt to link the topic to healthcare.
    Moreover, what are the specific statements that reveal the “appalling ignorance” of any of the listed politicians?

  3. Well said Peter! I may add that while it was already clear that the financial markets were in turmoil, Bush was trying to continue his do-nothing economics, reminiscent of Herbert Hoover. Bush’s hands-off approach is what has propelled the current financial crisis.
    According to the Washington Post, both republican and democratic lawmakers alike said the crisis is in part result of insufficient government regulation on Wall Street. Do we as a nation want more of the McSame?

  4. Don, what are you saying? That the now announced “RTC” federal department bailout to buy all outstanding bad (fraudulent) debt IS the right move, or IS NOT the right move? Do you want them to tell the truth and NOT get elected, or lie and get elected. Most voters are nothing more than a group of stupid lemmings (hooray for our side) that get the government and insane solutions they deserve. This has been a result of the dumming down of America fed by politicians who don’t really believe in, “Country First”, but believe in their own career aspirations and bank accounts first. We can kiss health reform goodbye, we can kiss action on global warming goodbye, we can kiss investment in alternative energy goodbye, we can kiss re-investment in a crumbling infastructure goodbye, we can kiss our future retirement accounts goodbye, because we will never dig ourselves out of this financial mess in our lifetime or our chidren’s lifetime. Onward unregulated markets!