POLITICS/TECH: Theocratic fascist scumbag rears ugly head in health care

Joe Paduda points us towards the latest adventures of the scummiest holier than thou corrupt theocratic fascist in recent American political history, who’s now raking it in overseeing corruption “prevention” in the implant business. Zimmer has been forced by one of his former colleagues in the US attorney’s office to hire his law firm at a just outrageous rate. Joe raises legitimate points about the culture of pay-offs all round in the implants/devices business which are now infecting the regulators.

But I just can’t get past seeing that man and all the pain he caused, not to mention his shredding of America’s tradition of civil liberties. For more on his raking it in, see earlier THCB explosions. Sometimes I hope there is that afterlife that he preaches about, because if there is I know where Ashcroft is going.


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  1. Pretty strong words. I read David Kuo’s book and thought that Ashcroft may be a rigid, theocratic rightist, but that he in fact has at least some good intentions … in any case, even in light of this contract, John Ashcroft will always be close to my heart and will be cut some slack by the Almighty because he did LET THE EEEEEEAGLE SOOOOAAAR.