Health 2.0 on Location in NYC by Indu Subaiya

Health 2.0 team converged in NYC this week for a day of
meetings with the New York Times, Digitas Health and a host of our favorite
Health 2.0 companies based in the Big Apple.  First it was lunch with
Carly Kuper and VP Patrick Denton of Digitas at the Gramercy Tavern. Among other things, we
discussed the regulatory and legal challenges that hamstring many
pharma companies from becoming full-fledged Health 2.0 players, despite
the many progressive people within their walls. 

Next, we caught up
with Sarah Greene,  Director of Health coverage for the New York Times to talk about some
exciting new online features at the Times. Sarah told us she is ecstatic about the reception so far for "Well"" the new blog by ex-WSJ’er Tara Parker-Pope.  The Times obviously doesn’t share metrics, but she could tell us that  Tara is moving up swiftly in the rankings of their in-house blogs.  We were thrilled  to meet science editor Laura Chang. (Matthew is a huge fan!) And also had a chance to meet with NYT.com Health section editor Michael Mason.

Unity Stoakes from Organized Wisdom helped organize our happy
hour at the Swift Hibernian lounge.  He and partner Steven Krein (Promotions.com, Law.com) are pushing full
steam ahead building out the new face of Organized Wisdom on a
wikimedia platform, hiring for a bunch of new positions and getting all
sorts of attention from the investment community.Continue reading this post

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