TECH: What health care consumers want, according to Bill Crounse

Consumers want;* On-line appointment scheduling* Web messaging with physician and support staff* Access to lab and radiology reports* On-line prescription refills* Reminders and "information therapy"* Access to personal medical records* Outcomes and disease management tools

Or so says Bill. As Bill is a Director in Microsoft’s healthcare group and their most exposed presence online and probably in RL too, it’s a pretty good bet that this is the eco-system that Microsoft is looking to build around HealthVault.

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  1. You know what I really want? I want my insurance provider to be 100% transparent about what is covered and what is not, what will hit my deductible and co-insurance and what will not. I am with United and they have even taken the high level description of my benefits off their “consumer friendly” website. My employer let me go in with their login and even the benefit explanation the employer gets is too high level to be of much use. It is absolutely maddening.

  2. I agree with Bill. It is more efficient, reliable, and credible for me and for the medical providers’ staffs to move online. I think it is ludicrous to use snail mail to send bills and test results. Telephone responses are difficult to document. I feel happy that I can track my two insurances’ Explanation of Benefits online – I wish I could do the same from the medical providers.

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