HEALTH2.0/TECH: Way too much going on!

I’m trying to organize a conference with everyone and their brother claiming that they need the last seat and that the dog ate their mouse so they couldn’t register. And we’ve been coaxing our demo panelists through their demos–which are all going to be really great, other than no one believes you when you tell them that four minutes went by in just 240 seconds.

And Tuesday was just one of those days…

Perennial THCB Health2.0 favorites Sermo are cooking up some fun stuff for the wine and cheese reception they’re sponsoring to close the Health2.0 Conference. But they’ve had a huge few days. Last week they announced that the FDA will be using Sermo to monitor potential new adverse drug events and much more. Initially FDA staff will be looking at what docs are talking about online, later they’ll be posing questions. Then Tuesday Sermo announced a $27m Series C Round, which should just about cover the cost of the cocktails….

Meanwhile, Kosmix has taken the beta tag off its RightHealth stealth search engine site. You can hear far more about this from my interview with Venky a month or two back. But they’ve announced that they got 2.5 million visits and 9 million searches generated a month and are in the top 12 health search sites measured by Hitwise. The concept is to extend the "home age for a search" to let people explore topics in context, while still making those top 10 search results visible.

Speaking of searches, OrganizedWisdom is changing its spots and moving from being a user-generated content site, to being a community search site that integrates user-generated content from all over.  More details here and to be revealed at the conference next week. CEO Steven Krein tried to explain this to me at lunch a while back but I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Now I do and it’s really very interesting.

Finally, we’ll have more to say about how the news that Adam Bosworth is leaving Google health will impact Health2.0 shortly. But rest assured that Google is still participating in the conference and that they remain committed to health care.

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