BLOGS: A wonderful new blog

A brilliant new blog by a wonderful health care consultant. Go read it. The first post is really, really on point. Go read.

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  1. While I welcome a new blog I can’t spend the extra time to comment there. One rant podium is more than enough for me, and probably for everyone else as well.:>)
    As for the first comment:
    “Health Populi’s Hot Points: You’re upset about the cost of gas. Yet, gas, fuel and energy consumes 75% less of your spending than health care. Face that fact, and get smart!”
    People would not be as upset with gas prices if their employer was subsidizing the cost through a group buying plan. Everyone has to buy gas, not everyone uses or needs healthcare to a point that their financial health is also jeopardized, but that time will come. Most people suffer in silence on paying for health. One idea I like about using the gas analogy is the posting of prices on big billboards. WOW, now that’s the kind of transparency we need in healthcare. But I find the “get smart” ending not the issue, even if it were possible. I’d use “get politically active”, although the health lobbyists have been doing that all along and have the dollars to win the game.

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