BEST OF: Interview with Shawn Jenkins, CEO BenefitFocus

When I was contacted by the PR folks representing BenefitFocus I found out that they’d quietly put into place the original 1995 business plan of Healtheon–connecting employers and health plans electronically around enrollment and billing. (Remember The New New Thing?) Ironically enough some of the plans that announced that Healtheon was going to do that with them in 1996 are just getting online with BenefitFocus now! So I thought that it would be pretty interesting to talk with Shawn Jenkins, BenefitFocus’ CEO about their core business, which has been growing like crazy in the last couple of years.

Then I found out that they were also launching a Web2.0 media group including a new health care YouTube-type video site called ICYou (get it?), hiring a star local news anchor from Charleston SC, Nina Sossaman-Pogue, and creating a PHR, and that they also wanted to come sponsor and video the Health2.0 Conference. So then I really wanted to talk with Shawn!

Here’s the interview. (We had a slight technical hitch in the middle but I think my editing skills have overcome it!).

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