TECH/PODCAST: Generic Medical Devices, really? The interview with Richard Kuntz, CEO

At a great meeting in Nashville last week Brian Klepper was explaining to us all how medical supplies were 40% of a hospital’s budget and how the margins on those devices were in the stratosphere. You’d assume that someone would do something about that.

And then lo and behold I get contacted by a company that may be that “someone”. There is not a generic medical device market comparable to the generic drug market. But that will all change if Richard Kuntz, CEO of Generic Medical Devices has his way. Listen to this interview to find out more

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  1. The recent debate around how to best control health insurance and the cost, has pushed the issue of prevention to the front. Why is prevention so important? Everyone is complaining about the cost but the cost would not be as high if everyone took the time to properly take care of themselves. I know prevention is only a part of it but it is an important part of health. It is important because the average person is overweight and running up the medial cost. If you look at the generations before us they were in much better shape and took care of themselves. Studies has shown that a person who is in good shape and has Individual Health Insurance does not cost the government a lot of money. For those who do not cost the government more. I ask is the government our brother’s keeper.