TECH/CONSUMERS/THCB: Health2.0 Agenda Announcement!

I am delighted to announce the line-up and agenda for Health2.0–User Generated Healthcare, which will be held on September 20th in San Francisco.

After an introduction and summary of the Health2.0 report (from little ol’ me and my colleague Indu Subaiya) we move into a panel looking at the view from the big consumer aggregators in online health care. Who are of course with one exception the big general aggregators—Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & WebMD.

Then we move into the 4 categories of Health2.0. Search, Social Media for Patients, Tools for Patients/Consumers, and Social Networking for and about Providers. You’ll see really focused demos of communities and tools that are already existing. All delivered in a focused manner that will really hit the high points

We also have a stellar group of industry luminaries to react to what they’ve seen including leaders from Kaiser Permanente, Cisco, Regence BCBS, RelayHealth/McKesson, the view from financial/Internet veterans like Marty Tenenbaum from Commerce.net & Esther Dyson, and other industry players from providers, pharma and plans.

This is also going to be a highly interactive day, with an “unconference” topic tables at lunch, exhibits and demos in the breaks, networking on speed, and interaction with the audience in every panel.

We know that you’ll have seen nothing in health care like Health2.0–User Generated Healthcare and we’d love to see you there. For more information and to register go to www.health2con.com

UPDATE: Download a PDF copy of the agenda and announcement here.

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  1. I’m teasing (you and Unity and others have been good neighbors) But we do actually have some good news AND our last blog post has already started some interesting conversations with some other companies… This should be a good meeting and looking forward to finally meeting some people face to face 🙂

  2. Christopher….c’mon. You know we love you. It’s just that we have one panel for all patient/consumer tools…we haven’t forgotten about you

  3. sniff…sniff… not even a phone call for our little ‘ole self-funded company… we’ll still be there 🙂 with some news re: medbillmanager and change:healthcare Also to see Unity speak 😉