POLICY: Doing my bit to piss off the unthinking right

Cool. I make an off hand remark about conservative think tanks and get them all riled up. Amy Ridenour, who has an interesting place in the panoply of right wing think tanks and influence peddling, prints an email I wrote her and tries to answer my questions. I’m sure Mr Scaife thinks his money is well spent.

Of course what my piece was doing was directly stealing the conservative right’s tactics of changing the debate. Except in my case I’m doing it logically.

For instance, the right called inheritance taxes “death taxes” suggesting that they fall on everyone who dies—even when only a tiny minority pay them. So the law is changed and a mythical family farm is saved, and so funnily enough is the family fortune of the Waltons and their billionaire friends.

Similarly the right has been attacking foreign countries for alleged sub-standard care, and using that to justify our appalling health care financing system. All I’m doing is asking them to defend the care here that’s found to be of a worse standard. And of course Amy can’t. Perhaps her man Hoggy can. I’m looking forward to his response!

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  1. Actually some of us on the non-right think that the answers come from logical analysis of the evidence. And we may not even believe in God, let alone think that he’s handing out licenses.

  2. Wow. Never realized the non-right had a license from God that gave them all the answers. Wonder what keeps the non-right employed in the social sciences.