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  1. Remember that trip to the Hospital. Yes
    Remeber that Hispanic woman who was there cause her huband was beating her.
    Remember that Mexican guy who was confused wheather he was from Mexico or America? I said both, baby, both.
    Remember that Chiense guy who was missing his Chi.
    Remember that Nigerian guy who had issues to resolve with the LAPD.
    Remeber that Tough guy who got kicked out of the Gang cause he was abusing his powers.
    Remember that Indian guy who could not seem to get laid.
    Remember that female doctor that though that she looked like an actress.
    Remember tht cop who took the bullet in his leg.
    Rember that little girl that was going to hurt herself on that machine thingi and you jumped in there and then the mother unloaded on you. Yes
    Remeber that poor guy who could not afford medical insurance.
    Remember that old fart who would not shut up? Yeah, that old fart just needs some people to speak with.
    Remember that doctor that was feeling up the nurse.
    Remember that woman that wanted to kill herself.
    Now what all of these people need is their basic issues addressed.