TECH: Justen Deal rehashed in the WSJ

In an article called The Email Kid Takes On HMO’s Corner Office the WSJ has a rehash in some decent historical perspective of the Justen Deal—Healthconnect issue. I get a minor billing as the venue for Andy Wiesenthal’s podcast. For those looking about more about this story search Healthconnect in the Google bar to your left.

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  1. Well we’re were both on page 16 of the WSJ, not page one–although the story started on p1. I, though, was on P1 of the NY Times in 1991….in an article on Japanese health care the last time this “debate” on health care was hotting up. In a very odd quote they mentioned my name as 3rd author of a paper. It literally said something very close to “in a paper by Aki Yoshikawa, Nori Shirouzu and Matthew Holt publihsed in the Stanford Law Review, Japanese physician visits were estimated to average 7 minutes”
    I expect that coke!

  2. Good for the kid. As they say: where there’s smoke there’s fire. Have you read the CEO’s e-mail? He sounds like a jerk with a lot to hide.
    The real story here is a Matthew v. Tim rivalry. I want a health care IT celebrity death match. Either of you been on the cover of the NY Times yet? Time for some competition. First one there gets a free Coke.