TECH/THCB: Health2.0 Conference, September 20th, San Francisco

I am delighted to tell you all about a brand new conference that THCB is putting on with Etude Scientific , in conjunction with the World Health Care Congress.

It’s a conference and report called Health2.0: User-Generated Healthcare. The conference will be held in San Francisco on September 20th, 2007.

This is going to be a different type of conference. We’ll have RAPID-FIRE DEMOS from innovative companies who are:

> connecting physicians to each other> fostering new online patient communities > designing health-focused search engines> providing health care tools for consumers

We already have a stellar list of speakers from new companies, patient groups, and established payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies. The list is long but it includes consumer aggregators like WebMD, Google*, Microsoft, and new players such as Sermo, Healthline and Organized Wisdom.

We are delighted to have charter sponsors Cisco, the HIMSS Community for Connected Health, and Sermo.

The key question is will HEALTH 2.0 grow into an independent industry sector, be subsumed into the current healthcare system, or create a new hybrid landscape?  Be part of the conversation!

Please go to the web site Health2con.com for details and take a look! Indu Subaiya and I—and our supporting advisory board of Health2.0 innovators—really hope to see you there.

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  1. Why do pirates say “arrrrr?” Because “affffff” isn’t scary.
    Same thing. In order to attract venture capital and PR points, it has to have a version number. The fact it’s a marketing exercise serves immediate notice that much of this is rampant bogocity designed to distract from the real problem: We, as a society, think taking care of people is some kind of weakness.
    I agree we should go full speed ahead in using whatever we have at our disposal to improve life as we know it, in every way. Any time we’re looking purely to make more money or reduce, I’m immediately skeptical, nay, completely unimpressed.

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