PODCAST/TECH: Interview with Chris Hobson, Orion Health

Last week THCB picked up a new sponsor, as evidenced by the banner to the right. Orion Health provides messaging, interoperability and clinical work-flow solutions. So I thought that it might not be a bad idea to interview Orion to find out what they were all about! (John tells me I’m supposed to be nice to sponsors!) When I talked to Chief Medical Officer Chris Hobson, who like me also has one of those funny accents, I realized that they had quite a bit of experience with clinical messaging and interoperability in a place or two where physician EMR use is close to 100%. You might surmise that these places are not in North America!

So to find out a lot more about messaging, interoperability and just how New Zealand cracked the nut of physician EMR adoption, listen to the podcast. You can even hear his conclusions on whether it could happen here too!

Meanwhile I suspect that Orion’s business people would also like me to note this announcement that Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts just signed up as a customer. Look I’m getting good as this "being nice to sponsors" idea, too.

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