TECH: Top Health IT innovators 2007

FierceHealthcare (which I have NOTHING to do with any more!!) is out with a list of Top Health IT innovators for 2007 . Funnily enough several companies I’ve featured here or in my talks are on the list, and #1 is Enhanced Medical Decisions—which I liked so much when I saw it that I started working with it! (So if you’re interested in them, you can email me!) Here’s the full list:

FierceHealthIT Top Health IT Innovators 2007

10.   NaviMedix
9.   PatientsLikeMe
8.   MDVIP
7.   Get Well Networks
6.   MedApps
5.   athenahealth
4.   Devon IT
3.   QlikTech
2.   Practice Fusion
1.   Enhanced Medical Decisions (EMD)

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  1. I think I know why you spelled NOTHING in all caps. Somehow, F-HIT missed the niche market leader with a real system, real products, several clinical trials already completed and new ones in progress, etc…. I can’t wait for these industry pundits to get a grip on what’s really happening in the field and stop prophesing that they have the crystal ball showing what’s coming.
    I think Anne totally missed the mark on the promise from HIT innovation. It’s rarely about the doctor at the center of care; not only because of the lack of reimbursement but also because patient decisions happen 100s of times each day that have a far greater influence on outcomes than any provider.
    This comes from a company that has many physician relationships and experience in the field. My doc friends think it’s funny that all of the new tech is focused on them as the pivot and none of them will ever agree to receive the data as proposed in the Fierce write ups.