TECH: In which Dmitriy challenges Health2.0, but reveals that he’s challenged, and not just by the calendar

Over at Trusted MD Dmitriy “jumps on Health 2.0 Bandwagon”.  Well actually he’s taking the piss, as we English say. The only problem is that today is April 2, not April 1. And Dmitriy doesn’t understand technology diffusion as opposed to stock market bubbles (which Health2.0 and Web2.0 are quite evidently not, unlike the companies in the DotCom boom which obviously were….)

Never mind. It’s fun to have a contrarian point of view. And don;t worry Dmitriy some people who are if not wiser at least a lot richer than you and me are already using the Health3.0 moniker.

As for Health2.0. You’ll be hearing much more about that on THCB. But don’t worry, it’s just a label, and labels don’t mean a whole hell of a lot. But the technology and the trends embodied in it are too powerful to be ignored—just as they were in the DotCom boom. Or is Dmitriy still buying paper tickets from his travel agent?

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  1. Calm down, Matthew, I was hoping you know how to take a joke.
    You should note the irony of me quoting Mike Moritz referring to everyone, including himself, as a fool. That is from the man who backed Yahoo and Google. Betcha you would not mind being this sort of fool and neither would I.
    I do believe in the potential of technologies hiding under the label, but before we innaugurate a versioning scheme for health I hope to find out what Health 1.0 refers to. Turn of this century? Baby boom era? Pre-war? 19th century? Pax Romana?
    If you tell me this is just about a new iteration of web in healthcare, than it is yet another “Web 2.0” copycat. Even you are trying to run from that perception. Remember, dot-com was a great label in 1999 and smelled like death in 2001!
    Would you say you cannot think of a better catch-all term for the latest health tech innovation?

  2. au contraire mon frere, the label is short-hand for the technologies–and thus reduces the confusion. Or hopefully will do. But what it emphatically is not is a stock boom a la 1999.
    And I note that Dmitriy changed the date on his post back to (late, late) April 1. So the beauty of Internet revisionism saves the joke!

  3. On a more serious note I understand the difference between tech diffusion and investment bubble is that you need to have a technology to diffuse and Health 2.0 is just a label, not a technology.
    Every technology lumped under Health 2.0 (social networks, blogs, mobile, genomics, etc. etc. etc.) has been happily diffusing without the label, which I do not think adds anything except confusion.

  4. This is April Fool’s joke about the label. Let’s just all have a good laugh.
    Like about Jimmy Wales asking Wikipedia contributors to operate on his cataract.