PODCAST/TECH/QUALITY: MedEncentive–can a simply “elegant” solution really change health care delivery?

Jeff Greene believes that his "elegant" solution can change health care delivery in one of the toughest places in America to do it–the wild medical mid-west. Jeff claims that the only two places on earth where life expectancy is falling are sub-Saharan Africa and Oklahoma City. (I assume Iraq is  soon joining that list!) His company MedEncentive offers a simple way of physicians to follow  guidelines, patients to get informed about their care, and apparently payers to save lots of money. Before you dismiss it, listen to this podcast.

(Technical note–For some bizarre reason Jeff’s channel was recorded a few seconds ahead of mine. So he’s answering my questions a little before I’ve finished asking them. Or alternatively, he’s psychic. At any rate it sounds a little odd. But I know you lot never listen to me on these podcasts anyway!)

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