TECH/HEALTH PLANS: Perhaps the last word on KP (for now at least)

Here’s a stack more comments on Kaiser HealthConnect at HISTalk (go down) and then Mr HISTalk’s conclusions, (again read down) which are very sensible and basically mirror mine! (surprise surprise!).

As I said in comments over there and here—openness for KP would be good. But regarding HealthConnect, the real question is how will it operate when it’s deployed and all the power problems have been sorted out. And what does Health Care have to learn from Google, Ebay et al which manage to have millions of users bang on them without going down. I’m not a techie, so I don’t know, but I suspect that the answer lies there.

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  1. When you’re looking at huge user bases, outside of major technology step changes, there tends to be a trade off between user experience richness and scale.
    Google’s biggest app, the search engine, has a very simple front end and still requires an immense datacentre specially constructed near a hydroelectric plant.
    eBay might be a sophisticated user experience in web terms, but if you were a professional accessing the system all day, and every day, the response doesn’t really cut it. It’s more than adequate for typical users, but not for clinicians who have to live and breathe it.
    These factors compound the scale problem. Citrix tends to be used in these circumstances to maintain richness, but it’s much more processor hungry than a web app.

  2. I’ve been calling for transparency all along! – But maybe the Kaiser Cronycrats will actually listen to you and Mr. HISTalk.