PBMs/BLOGS: A blogger at a major PBM

Libratto is a blog written by a senior exec from a PBM, Bob Neaser at Express Scripts. I haven’t exactly been polite about PBMs or more accurately about their customers’ willingness to explore their business models over the years. I’ll be interested in watching this blog and seeing what Bob thinks. He’s been posting a little the last two months and I want to encourage him to make the arguments. He started with a rants about why employees should demand less waste in their health care benefits and I (and probably Eric Novack) would agree. But of course one man’s waste…

Still I’m looking forward to more from Bob, especially with the CVS/Caremark deal apparently changing the PBM model.

You should also look at Adam Fein’s blog Drug Channels. He has lots of interesting things to say about PBMs, pharmacy chains et al—even if he’s a little less cynical than I am!

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