PODCAST/TECH: Healia, Vimo, Healthline–3 Health 2.0 Execs talk about their business

So in a first for THCB I put together a 4 way skype call for a podcast. On the call are three Health care tech start-up leaders: Dean Stephens, President, Healthline; Tom Eng, Chairman, Healia; and Chini Krishnan, CEO, Vimo.  The podcast is here, and I think you’ll find it pretty interesting.

Unfortunately the recording quality isn’t great. And worse there’s an ugly period between 29.30 and 32.00 mins when the others couldn’t hear me even though the recorder could (although Skype’s IM function did work and saved the day). So please wind on when your MP3 player gets to that part. (Someone who knows might want to help me with my recording setup and editing skills!) For those of you who can’t deal with the thrill/drawbacks of the new technology, the transcript will be up in a few days.

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  1. People go online to Vimo sites and Vimo must sell the information to masive numbers of insurance guys. they call day and night and email like crazy. Not a good thing for the web.