QUALITY: More from the DM conference

More from the DM conference…..

Chris Selecky from Lifemasters says that their MHS programs are going well. They’re in Oklahoma as a prime and as a sub to Aetna to Chicago. Hving to do much more comunity based stuff than they thought to get to people, but enrollment is above expectations. Some hint that it at least could go better with the docs but as they get educated apparently they like it. Tech use is the phone (and face to face) in Medicare, but among the Medicaid crowd are getting up to 22% PC use — although also using the phone. Of course Chris is about to hit the beach since Healthways bought Lifemasters earlier this summer.

Enhanced Care Initatives is sending nurse practitioners into nursing homes, reducing hospital admits of the frail elderly in nursing homes, and charging Medicare Part B. One of their reps tells me that they’ve passed 4 Medicare audits. They also do home care visits. They also supply a tablet based PC for their nurses which can outbound fax to docs and families—their NPs, nurses & visiting physicians only spend 10% putting in data compared to usual 30%. Their goal is to find the 2–5 patients per doctor who take up lots of time, and get reffered, working with the doctor. Also starting to work witt health plans, (Aetna, HealthSpring) They spend time looking for disability as that’s the best predictor of future costs.

APS is a DM company that’s apparently having wild success in Medicaid program DM in Wyoming. They also do EAP, mind-body inegration stuff (e.g. mental health) and apparently basically run health care in Puerto Rico. Who knew?

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